Reasons by Mindbling

catIt’s been awhile since I have last blogged. I can blame life, my job, my kid, the weather, but the truth is, I just haven’t wanted to. I felt that mindbling was so associated with crazy times, drinking, and sex, that anything that I had to talk about beyond that wouldn’t be funny. To that end, I have good news and bad news. Good news. I have still been drinking. Bad news, not so much sex. And that’s okay!
In truth, I have had some success in my career. I have become concerned about talking about my sex life, and drinking, and all of the things that I thought were the reasons I was entertaining in the first place. Because of that and some other life experiences, Wormy and I collectively decided to take down our old blog, which stood for so much of our lives that just no longer rang true, and rise again, like the phoenix from the ashes.
So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bethany, but you can still call me mindbling. I am the single mother of an almost fourteen year old, jr. I work in public relations. I am really good at my job, being a mom, being a friend, and having fun. I believe that you can still go out and have fun, and be a good parent. I believe that you can go out and have fun and still be successful at your chosen career. I believe that if you stop having fun that life slows down, and before you know it, there you are, in a kitty cat sweatshirt with a homemade eyelet collar, selling brownies at a church bake sale. This is why I’m not married. I was one lard-fried hotdog away from being that person.Story for another day.
I have no idea what this will be. I know that I am still me, and I plan on still being me. I know that Wormy and I now have a Flipcam, and we aren’t afraid to use it. I know that life changes, that we all grow up, and that I don’t want to get fired for posting inappropriate content to the Web. I know that someday, jr. will read this. Perhaps you can consider this mindbling 2.0. All of the things you loved before, but now meaner, greener, and with a bigger 401k.
Will you still love me tomorrow? I have no idea. I hope that you do, and I look forward to talking to you. I hope that we can all share our stories. I know that I am not the only single mother of a teenage son tying to make her way and find possible love and also a career in this world. Where my people at??
Talk soon!
Writing this with no pants on,


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6 responses to “Reasons by Mindbling

  1. Three

    I’m excited to see yinz back blogging again! I even changed my links AND gave you guys a “Change of Address” notice on my blog.

    Can’t wait to see what yinz have in store for us.

  2. Congrats on the new blog. I love the name and I know this is going to be a good read, just like your old blog!

  3. Pants Status: Off

    Love Status: On

    Welcome back Mindbling 2.0 and Wormy 2.0

  4. Jen

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

  5. Yay! Welcome back. Looking forward to catching up with you this weekend.

  6. Mindbling/Bethany Wormy/Carla whoever you are, you still cause me to pee with delight. Seriously. Thank goodness for fresh pants and my Aeron office chair.

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