PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 Recap. We came, we drank, we defiled a papasan chair.



Once again, Podcamp Pittsburgh was a rocking success. On so many levels. Wormy and I like to refer to it as an educational unconference/bachelor party. Unlike last year, Wormy actually went to sessions. You all might not be aware of this, but Wormy actually didn’t attend PodCamp last year. She merely went to the meet and greet and met up with us Saturday night.

And sooo many people said, “I met Wormy at PodCamp last year.” No. You didn’t. You met Wormy at AlphaLab or a bar. That is not PodCamp. Just saying.

 But she actually went this year. Hungover, sleep deprived, and smelling like a Zip Car, but there none the less.

 Let’s start with Friday. The infamous meet and greet. Last year, we walked in knowing no one and having no idea what to expect. So we stood in the corner and we drank. Eventually I stopped drinking, because I was driving, but Wormy, she did not. By the end of the night, she was spilling wine on the people that were soon to become life-long friends.

This year, she spilled wine on them again. And so did I. Because we took a cab.

 We then left and went to a different bar to see a rockabilly DJ that we like. Wormy, fueled on wine and Twitter love, decided to try her hand at pole dancing. I, and everyone else at the Rock Room in Polish Hill, were impressed with her skills. Wormy is a mad fly dancer, ya’ll. Which reminds me, we were joined by my Texas coworker who came in just for PodCamp. Let’s call her Cut You. Because all night, in her altered state, she kept saying, in a Southern drawl, “Guuuurl, I will cuuuuuuut you.” We showed her how to party, Pittsburgh style. We were also joined by @V_rock. If I can get sign offs, I will post the videos. They are epic.

 Also, Wormy managed to chat up the owner. And chat. And chat. And exchange numbers. Or what she thought were numbers. In her drunken state, she entered them incorrectly, and spent the cab ride home texting the wrong person. I have video of this. If I can get permission from Wormy, I will post my FlipCam video of what we now like call “Cab Fab”. It’s like Ab Fab, but not as British. And also, in a cab.

 Saturday dawned, and my alarm went off bright and early. I call Wormy. “Good morning PodCamper! Time to get up!” To which she responded, in a voice dripping with malice and cigarettes, “You’re evil.” And we all know, I sort of am. Regardless, I got her ass to PodCamp.

 I have to give mad props here to the planners. I, in my professional capacity, have had to pull off a lot of special events. I have never seen one as organized, well thought out, and successful as Podcamp Pittsburgh 4. From start to finish, it was a first class operation, and everyone involved should be so, so proud of themselves.

 Some highlights of Saturday were meeting PittGirl, seeing our online friends, and looking forward to going out at 4.

 So. We go out at 4. Okay, maybe closer to 5. Regardless. We did our 649 shot at 6:49 (Wormy will be posting about this soon). I did not hang out with our PodCamp friends much past this, because a fella that I am sort of seeing showed up. We are calling him Mavrick. I left with him, and that’s another story for another blog that involves Long Island Ice Teas and a papasan chair.

 Sunday dawned, and my alarm went off bright and early. I woke up, had immediate flashbacks of the papasan experience, and before I could even be embarrassed, got a wake up text from Mavrick, extolling the fantastic nature of the previous evening, and wishing me luck in my presentation that morning. Holy shit. I had a presentation that morning.

 I was not just hungover, but super hungover. I tried calling Wormy, as it was her turn to drive. I called her once. I called her twice. I was about to call the police, when she called back. From Oakland. In a Zip Car. That is all I am saying about that.

 She had no sleep, and a midget in her trunk, but god bless her, trooper that she is, she got me to PodCamp on time. If by on time, you mean me flying in to my presentation room, with a blueberry muffin, coffee, sunglasses, and five minutes to spare, saying “Help! I can’t set up my own presentation!”

 Mad props to Norm and Rob for helping me set up. I somehow manage to live through my presentation, even though I announced to the room I was hungover. It wasn’t a lie. I think I did ok. If I would have known that Mavrick was watching from home, I probably would have opted to sit that one out and find a nice closet to sleep in.

 In conclusion, it lived up to every expectation that Wormy and I had. We learned a lot, saw old friends, made new ones, and were a part of a very exciting experience. I also drank way too much, laughed way too loud, and made an ass of myself roughly 13 times. Which is far less than I though I would have.

 I can’t wait for PodCamp Pittsburgh 5, and I know Wormy can’t either. She is sitting right here, so she just told me that. She said we should try to get Zip Car to be a sponsor. Apparently, it’s not just for business meetings. It’s also good for bar hookups. I wonder if they are on Twitter?

 Till next time,

Free wine, bitches.

Free wine, bitches.




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4 responses to “PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 Recap. We came, we drank, we defiled a papasan chair.

  1. Gasp! Wine not from a box!
    I love reading your stories. Glad you’re writing them again. 😉

  2. Three

    You know, if anyone was there who reads your blogs, they would be completely disappointed if you WEREN’T hungover.

    I swears, I’m going to this next year. SWEARS.

  3. I was watching you from home (WooOOooo! Super Stalker abilities!) and you rocked it. For reals.

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