Bitch Burgh visits The Comic Pitt


Our good friends Dang and Duke invited us onto their podcast, The Comic Pitt, to dish about PodCamp, comics, my self-destructive tendencies (see previous post), and, apparently, morning sex.

We had a fantastic time, and, they were kind enough to bring both myself and Wormy prezzies. We LOVE prezzies! Wormy got this sweet ass Lois Lane/Wonder Woman/Super hero chick magnet set, and they brought me a comic, Manhunter, about this super hot career woman, who also happens to be a single mother. SOUND LIKE ANYONE YOU KNOW???

Listen to all the geeky goodness here.



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2 responses to “Bitch Burgh visits The Comic Pitt

  1. jlknott

    You like comics? You are seriously turning into my hero #1.

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    – Link

    PS. Comic Book Pitt sent me.

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