Tequila II, Bigger, Badder, and In Your Facier.


It’s been pointed out to me that Maverick is spelled with an E. But I simply don’t care. I am going to continue to spell it incorrectly, and you’re going to like it.

 A mere two days after my dreaded tequila experience, what do you think I did? That’s right, boys and girls, a shot of tequila. And not just a regular sized shot, but a big ol’ Texas size shot of Petron.

 Some background. Thursday was not a good day for mindbling. I was massively hungover from my out of town coworker entertaining duties. I was feeling a fool for my texting antics with Mavrick. I was nervous and insecure about being with him, because in my estimation, he is out of my league.

 We all know that when I get nervous I do really, really dumb things. Add a killer hangover to the mix, and viola! More bad choices. I was wondering if maybe Mavrick had been on a date the night before, so, like an idiot, I asked him. He told me no, but he did have one coming up Friday.

 Gut punch. He then proceeded to ask me if I really wanted to know these things. Why no. No, I actually don’t. I instantly hit def-com 5 on the Holy Shit-O-Meter, and started typing up an email to end things. I don’t like getting hurt, and this hurts, ergo, bye bye.

 I was emailing Wormy at the same time. Freaking out. I told her I was going to send him this email and be done with it, because this wasn’t going to end well. She was all like, mindbling, no. Don’t do this. I am begging you, don’t do this. And I was all like, I’m doing it. I can’t handle this. And Worm was all like, you can’t handle anything right now, because you’re still drunk. And I was all like, SEND. And then I was all like, fuck.

 I tweeted that I was having a terrible day on so many levels. He sends me a text that he was very unhappy with me, on so many levels (did I mention he follows me on Twitter?). He had to get some work done but he would talk to me later. I spent that rest of the day wishing I had a big ol’ rewind button.

 He didn’t want to end things (neither did I), I was being ridiculous (I was), and let’s just see what happened (ok!). Friday hits, and I gotta come up with a plan. Operation Fix Things With Mavrick (OFTWM). Thankfully, Tiny was still in town. I was going to a gala that night, and I needed to look hawt. Shopping with my favorite gay was in order, because OFTWM was going to have me somehow get in front of his face, whether he had a date or not.

 I then deployed tactic two of OFTWM. Sincere email to regain contact. Simple. And true. I already miss talking to you. Have fun on your stupid date. (ok, that last part, totally not true). Then we hit Macy’s for tactic three, Get Hawt. I bought a little black strapless number, some fishnets, new undies, and a necklace.

 Mavrick and I emailed throughout the day. He asked if he could meet up with me after his date. I blast him with a sloppy seconds comment. He replies that he was cancelling the damn date, that it wouldn’t be even remotely enjoyable. Score! I actually would have totally met up with him after his stupid ass date, but this was even a better outcome. Date, cancelled.

 We chatted on the phone during our commutes home, and I apologized for being a brat. All was well. I get ready. I stood there blow-drying my hair, inspiration hit me. Would he like to come to the gala with me? He would. I knew this dress would come in handy. He picks me up, and swoon. Just swoon. I am a smitten kitten.

 We went to the gala, had a great time, and then went to the South Side to meet Wormy, Chilla, and one of Mavrick’s friends. Tiny came in with the fella he met here, and this is where the Patron came in. Tiny’s friend, he is trying to kill me. I had already had a few drinks, but the huge, giant, honking glass of Petron did me in.

 OFTWM did not have get shit-faced as an action item. Oops! Mavrick gallantly took care of me. Took me to the Pickle Barrel, even.

 I am going to try to not mess things up again. I am going to seriously, and I mean it this time, stay away from tequila. I am going to stop worrying about getting hurt and start just letting things happen as they may. I’m going to fling caution to the wind and jump out of an airplane. Literally and figuratively. Me and Mavrick are going skydiving Wednesday.

 Should be one hell of a jump.



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3 responses to “Tequila II, Bigger, Badder, and In Your Facier.

  1. A-freakin-men … I need to stop acting as if I’m in grade school (you know). Glad things are better. 🙂

  2. OH those lessons are never ending. I learned the hard way MANY a time to NEVER make a decision while your drunk, because its generally a stupid one. But score for the canceling of his other date, and that MUST mean you mean something to him. Yay! Good luck!

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