A Fabulous Night at Burgh’s Eye Lounge

Chilla and I had a very busy weekend.  We had not one but two Halloween parties and an invite over at the Burgh’s Eye View crib.

Us - Halloween

I was a 40’s pin-up girl and Chilla was my randy GI just back from the war. We are already into role playing…I know I look naked in this photo, but I assure I wasn’t…at least not until later.

Here is Mindbling and Maverick (yes, I’m spelling it correctly)….You read the last post right? Now you get the visual.

bling and mav

After this party we hot footed it over to Brookline and the Twitter gang…We changed first, I’m not ready for this crowd to see me in thigh-highs and garters. The party was in full swing so what else are a bunch of drunk social media hounds to do at this point except tape a podcast….If you’re at work, put your ear buds in…it goes downhill pretty fast.


Sun, 25 October 2009
Newby joins the panel Shelle needs a man Bitchburgh will right your ship L’il Red Riding Hood is a saucey little tart The Moose gets a jolt Welcome Chilla to the nation The light of a thousand suns VRock chimes in Chachi doesn’t need an invitation I can’t even get a beer up in this show
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Here are the highlights from the evening


@burghseyewife @chilla

@burghseyewife @chilla

@burghseyewife and @Jenana37

@burghseyewife and @Jenana37

@chachisays @MrDirby @Sorgatron

@chachisays @Sorgatron @MrDirby



@shellrenee @beth910 @mindbling

@shellrenee @beth910 @mindbling

@v_rock and @rebelliousflaw

@v_rock and @rebelliousflaw

@wormy920 and @chilla

@wormy920 and @chilla

I think the fake eyelashes are working for me…I might need to invest in some more.


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  1. I hope I wasn’t to tough on Chilla, he’s A OK. I had a great time with great friends! Outstanding post. Can’t wait till the next time.

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