PMSbuddy – Saving Relationships One Month At A Time


Brandy-new relationships have their ups and downs. Do you sleep with the TV on or off? Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the top or bottom? Paper or plastic? Getting to know someone is always a challenge. Now add some hormonal chaos into that mix and things could get uber ugly.

From the beginning I warned Chilla that I get a little bit crazy around Mense time. I tried to stress how smooth sailing can turn into a turbulent storm in seconds and wanted to give him a heads up as to when to expect this and what might happen. Its not unheard of to see crying fits, eating binges and possible irrational changes in hair styles. I once had a run-in with a box of home hair straightener. (HELLO! I have naturally very curly hair, WTF WAS I THINKING?) FYI: that shit doesn’t work and the straightener devil won by frying my hair but only from my ears down to the ends.  I ended up getting a shit-ton of my hair cut off. Keep me away from CVS!


Being the fabulous boyfriend and tech savant that he is, Chilla’s first order of business was to find an iPhone application for this. And he did. PMSBuddy is our new besty. You just type in your significant others cycle info and BAM! You know when to buy her flowers and chocolate, when she will say yes to sex and when to go camping with the boys for the weekend. You can sign up for useful tips and suggestions and gives you a barometer of the progression of the month in an easy to read color coded format suitable for all men to be able to navigate their woman’s hormonal obstacle course with ease. You can also track up to 5 woman, so if you have mistresses, daughters or even your boss this is the optimum tool.


According to PMSBuddy’s calculations, our fun begins today. So far I’m feeling rather chipper but it could turn in a New York second so we will see what happens. I wonder if I’m getting flowers and chocolates tonight?


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