PMSbuddy – The Update

I know you all have been waiting to see if Chilla came home with flowers and candy for me on my first PMS day.  It does help that he reads the blog so he always knows what I’m thinking.   It does makes his life a bit easier.

**drum roll please**

Since the PMSbuddy was blowing up his phone yesterday with *ALERT! ALERT! FIRST DAY OF PMS!* he knew he had to do something.  Being the best boyfriend in world, he brought home two big bags of gourmet popcorn from The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, – Chocolate Drizzle, Cinnamon and Sugar and Reese’s Peanut Butter popcorn….Can you say PMS heaven? Salty sweetness with the perfect crunch.  If anyone saw my Twitter update that I wanted a salt lick yesterday afternoon, trust me this did the trick.  Do you see this??? Who can resist this stuff?  Its like crack that you eat instead of smoke.




Oh, and I got a back massage since I worked so hard at the salon last night (brazillian wax on a woman that was 6 mos pregnant with twins – yeah, that was easy!)


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One response to “PMSbuddy – The Update

  1. sunshine

    I want one. The perfect boyfriend I mean. Can you say JEALOUS?

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