Pittsburgh Rugby Brewfest

On Friday night, we went to a “beer tasting” fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Rugby Team.  I use “tasting” lightly, as yep you guessed it….we got wasted.

We started the night out with tasting the various beers…

Wormy and Mindbling

Look how happy and sober we look! Chilla and Mavrick were in tow and having a good time….Little did they know at this point in the night they would have to carry us home!

'bling and Mavrick

Chilla and Wormy

We got to hang out with our fabulous Twitter friends!

And then….things start to go down hill…FAST!

Climbing up on the Captain

I think I was praying to the rum gods that we could get a cab ride home….possibly offering up sexual favors in exchange for not getting stuck in the South Side.

Mindbling might have tripped and fell in this photo….

After Brewfest we waited 45 minutes for Mavrick to get a hoagie, which ‘bling and I proceed to devour. We then went to Brewski’s and drank some more cause that’s how we roll, and we are just stupid.  We did get a cab back to the South Hills in which we FlipCammed an episode of “Cab Fab” that is so epic, we actually can’t let anyone view it.   The cabbie is still in therapy over our car ride with him. Mindbling may or may not have told the cabbie she would punch him right in his dick and I might have explained how I get to see Jesus every night…I know, we suck.  It keeps you wanting more.

As I’m writing this, I just had a flashback that the cab didn’t drop us off at home, oh no that would have been the smart thing to do…we had him drop us off at Cain’s…to drink some more.  There is a reason I’m only remembering this now.


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  1. I think that last pictures explains The Captain’s smile…

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