Stalking Andrew Stockey

I’m having a complete freak out!!!  Okay, where to start…where to start….when I’m overwhelmed I tend to mumble to myself…sorry!  Okay, for those of you that have been reading us since the Mindbling blog days, you might remember a post I wrote about: Andrew Stockey

A few weeks ago, MB decided it would be fun to go back and re-read everything and she found this little gem in the comments section that must have been put up since we stopped writing on that blog:

Andrew Stockey said…

I was wondering how that trip to Paris turned out. I’m not much for international travel, but it sounded like fun.

She flipped her shit and called me freaking out….to which I was kind of like, meh…whatever it’s probably not even really him.  I mean, it was written months ago and how would he even find the blog?  Must be an imposter. I’m not getting my panties all in a twist over it in case it’s really not him.  MB and I kibitzed over how we could verify this info but ended up putting it aside for a few weeks.

Until today….Sitting at work with not much to do I decide I needed to get to the bottom of this and promptly proceed to Facebook stalk him, cause you know, its what I do and what I’m famous for amongst my friends. You dating someone new?  Call me…I can find out if they are married even if they told you they have been single for years , DUI and moving violations and if their taxes are paid…not to mention PFA’s, child custody battles (even if they SWEAR they have no kids) and how much they bought/sold their house for. Don’t ask how I can find this stuff out…I just can. I’m Italian and we don’t trust anybody.  It’s just our way.  (Chilla passed with flying colors. I told him I was checking him out after I did it…I’m so damn sneaky!)

But I digress….I friend request Andrew and wait.  For about 5 minutes…BAM! I get the email that he has accepted my friend request.  Okay, I know he is online so now is my chance to message him and ask if he was the one that made that comment. With sweaty palms and shaky hands I type out this message:

Wormy:  Hi Andrew! I have an odd question for you. My friend and I have a little ‘ole Pittsburgh blog where I wrote a story about you. The blogs name is We’ve since stopped writing on it and started a whole new bigger and better blog called but we were going through the old blog the other day and noticed a comment was made on the post I wrote about you….from you! I actually wanted to confirm that you were indeed you writing that comment because if so that would make me the happiest blogger in Pittsburgh!

Andrew Stockey : It was Wormy. No one ever took me overseas on a dream before. Thank u

<SWOON> I am now in complete meltdown mode! I hot line Mindbling and we both flip shit!  It was really him, Andrew Stockey read my blog!! This is huge! I mean, I’ve had a beach fling with a B-rated movie star that now has a hit HBO show, but this is WAY bigger!!!  This is Andrew Stockey, the Burgh’s beloved newscaster….Pittsburgher’s love this guy, BTW.  When I look at the statcounter (I stalk you people, remember?) There are just as many Google hits on “Andrew Stockey” (which in turn routes them to our blog) as there are “One-legged strippers” (which also directs them to our blog, oddly enough – ….you people are really sick)

Andrew and I proceed to have an email exchange that went a little something like this:

Wormy: You know I’m so blogging this right???? =)

Andrew Stockey: I kind of figured.

Wormy: keep your eye on….a new blog starring you will be coming soon!

Andrew Stockey Thank u … Pleasant dreams!

Seriously people, I love this guy.  Great sense of humor, actually talks to his fans and isn’t the least bit afraid of some crazy chick facebook stalking and blog posting dreams about him.  He is aces in my book. I am seriously  inviting him to our next Tweet-Up!



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6 responses to “Stalking Andrew Stockey

  1. APR

    Best story ever!!!

  2. Pam

    MMMM. Love this. Love him. Love him even more since I found him on Twitter on Monday and saw that he’s a RUNNER! (And a fast one at that, I could never keep up.)

    Totally jealous of your facebook affair! But still, swooning with you… ohhh, Andrew.

  3. Thats awesome.
    He seems like one of those guys who would be a blast to hang with in person

  4. I see him come in the office every now and then. Always a good guy.

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