America Runs On Dunkin …

This morning was a VERY exciting morning here at Bitchburgh. I woke up with butterflies in my tummy, love in my heart, and a tingle down my spine. That’s right. It was the Grand Opening of Dormont’s Dunkin Donuts.

Wormy and I have been staking out this Dunkin since construction started. Wormy was actually lucky enough to have been there last week, on a trip to the liquor store right next to it, to stock up on boxed wine, when she stumbled upon a new employee training session. She saw all sorts of people in there and thought maybe it was open. She popped her head in, and no, they weren’t open, BUT, since they were training DD peeps (very important training, I might add), she could get ten dollars worth of WHATEVER SHE WANTED. So they could practice. How cool is that?

Anyway! I call Wormy bright and early this morning to make sure she is awake for the BIG EVENT. She was not. Wormy is not what you would call a morning person. She actually doesn’t technically wake up till noon. I, however, am a morning person. Meaning that call went something like this:


Wormy: “Ggggaaaaaaaahhhhhh. What? What time is it? Shut up. I hate you.”

Me: “OKAY! Time to wake up! Up and at ’em Adam Ant! Put on your blue suede shoes! Let’s do this! Let’s make this morning our bitch! WOOOOO!”

Wormy: “Seriously. I hate you. When I see you, I’m going to punch you.”

She eventually rallied, got ready, and we were off. To a little slice of heaven right here on Earth. A little piece of love that I like to call Dunkin Donuts. Because that is actually the name of the place. Dunkin Donuts. Right here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. There is a God. And she loves me.



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10 responses to “America Runs On Dunkin …

  1. You guys are freakin’ adorable!

  2. Loved it!

    We don’t have any Dunkin Donuts in the Austin metro area anymore. Everytime I’m in the northeast I always make sure to hit up a DD, I love their breakfast meals.



  3. I’ve always wondered why donuts as a foodgroup skipped the city of Pittsburgh. Really, there are no mom & pop donut shops here like there are in every other city. Dunkin’ Donuts is just starting to make inroads. Where are Pittsburgh cops supposed to hang out??

  4. LOVE IT – the donut looked like a big black vagina.

  5. Mmmmm just in time for my post Penguins game hangover on Sunday.
    Doubly nice since its like a block away from my friends house so we can crawl there if need be.

  6. Dunkin Donuts owes y’all at least another $50 in free stuff. Without you, I’d have no idea that it opened. My soon to be even bigger ass thanks you.

  7. Man. And all this time I’ve just taken it for granted. I am such a lame bitch. When they have cinnamon coffee, pounce on it like it’s unsuspecting prey.

  8. omg.

    i think i’m in love with both of you. you have no idea what utter joy this post (and video) brought to my day, as i have been looking all my life for fellow dunkin donut lovers.

    i rully, rully love donuts. like, more than shoes, handbags, and making out.

    okay, well, maybe not more than making out, but definitely more than shoes and handbags.

    when they opened the dunkin donuts in squirrel hill, i nearly had a coronary i was so happy. it’s my goal to have them make a donut in my honor. the “secret agent l” donut. how bad ass would that be?!

    keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. LOVE your blog.

    secret agent l

  9. This is something that pertains to my life. Forget the local news. This is where I get news that’s important to me and my coffee junkie habits… I’m happy to see the Double D in Dormont. Hope it lasts better thank the Krispy Kremes of the area.

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