Weekend Update

Chilla and I have had a very fun filled weekend that I thought I would share with you.  It started Thursday night with us going to the Penguins game:

Wormy & Chilla

Both jersey’s are Chilla’s, but I got to wear the blue one ’cause it matched my purse…what?!?!  You would do it too.  Pens won, I ran into an old friend, JoeyV, who ended up going out for drinks with us after the game and I had Friday off from work. WhooHoo!  Thursday was a rocking good time.

Friday rears its ugly head at 9am with a knock on the door: its Goffchile coming to FINALLY get his shit out of my apartment.  I’m hung over and just don’t feel like dealing with him right now.  This is an entirely different blog that I will post most likely tomorrow.  Let’s just say, 8 hours and 3 days later and still there is stuff at my place.

Friday nite is Hot Mama’s birthday.  We meet up with Hot Mama, BFF, Wikki and Wrad at the Cheesecake Factory:

Cheesecake Factory

It was delish as usual.  After dinner we head over to the Hofbrauhaus for drinks and some dancing on the tables, and a little “Sweet Caroline” cause that’s how we roll on a Friday night.  Plus, I needed to dance off that meal.

Dancing on the tables

Large beers all around:

Dancing makes a girl thirsty

But not as thirsty as this guy must have been at one point in time.  Look at his hands, his “friends” put fries all over him and the whole place was taking his picture.  Just for the record, Hot Mama took these photos…she’s the bad guy here.

Friends in low places

Friends in low places

We've all been there

I started to feel really bad for him. Security tried to get him out and couldn’t get him to move and all his friends left him.  Security ended up just letting him sit there like this.

At this point everyone was going home and Chilla and I decided more dancing was in order and headed over to 80’s night at Lava Lounge.  The DJ was great, he did an eclectic blend of 80’s hits and the place was packed.  We didn’t call it a night till the place closed.

Chilla & Wormy at the Brillobox

Saturday night was Wikki’s birthday and we headed to the Brillobox for a Burlesque Revue.  We really weren’t sure what to expect but it was fantastic!  Hot girls doing sexy moves all while taking their clothes off….good stuff.

Hot Girl #2

Hot Girl #1

Hot Girl #2

Hot Girl #3

The Brillobox tends to pour a heavy drink, and for some reason every time I go there I forget this fact. Of course it comes to the point in time where I start insisting that someone ruffied my drink, because I only had 3 (double’s) drinks, how could this have happened? and proceeded to go from “These girls are hot and I love them” to “These girls are hot and I hate myself!!!” in my drunken stupor.  Chilla is a trooper.  He picked me up, put me in the car, wiped away my tears and told me all the things a drunk girl needs to hear. He really is the best, ya’ll!

Sunday was detox and all around relaxation day.  Can’t wait till next weekend!


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