Christmas Cheer

I’ve never been really big on Christmas.  The whole stress of rushing around, spending money you don’t have on gifts nobody really wants just doesn’t excite me. And don’t get me started on having to visit family. Parents, step-parents and in-laws…there is just too many to see in 2 days time. Since I moved out on my own 14 years ago, I haven’t put up a tree or really even decorated.  I blamed my cats, my busy life and the fact that no one would see it but me and I really didn’t care.  Plus, its just a hassle to pull all that stuff out, put it up, stare at it, take it all down and put it away. Bah humbug…who cares?

Apparently Chilla cares. He is REALLY into Christmas and broached the subject last week about getting a tree, knowing somewhat how I felt about it. He suggested a <gasp!> REAL LIVE TREE (!) to which my mouth dropped open, my eyes bugged out of my head and I almost vomited. Really? Could I handle THAT much Christmas in my home? Pine needles, sap, daily watering and cats acting crazy with their new found “toy” was almost too much to deal with.  I tried to persuade him to no avail.  He definitely wanted a tree. We settled on easing me into this whole holiday thing with a small fake tree. I still wasn’t convinced I would be all into this.

On Friday I started my Christmas shopping. I know, I’m behind on all this…re-read the first paragraph. I’m be-bopping along and happen to see some stockings with initials on them. The only letters left were “W”, “C” and a random “S”.  Hhmmmm…..those are nice…I bet Chilla would like those <getting excited>….its got to be fate, those letters being the only ones left and all…I must have them!  Hey, this is kind of fun!

I got home before Chilla and set them up on the mantel to surprise him with my new found holiday cheer.  He came home and was super excited to see me getting into the Christmas spirit and loved the stockings I bought.

We put up the tree and other décor I had in the basement that hasn’t seen the light of day for at least a decade.  I didn’t bargain for Darth Vader and Starship Enterprise ornaments but hey, if it makes Chilla happy that’s all that matters. Next year we are getting a real tree…maybe.



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9 responses to “Christmas Cheer

  1. I so feel you on this. I wasn’t a big Christmas decor kind of guy either, until like 1998 or so. I was living in Florida, so to say that I was “Bah humbug” was putting it mildly. But that year was when my grandma sent me her little Christmas tree, complete with ornaments, because she asked me if I set up a tree and I said “Pfffft. No.” She was horrified.

    Every year since then, I’ve been slowly building up my Xmas decor. I dug out the stockings that my grandma (on dad’s side) made for me (I even forgot that there were 2 — one for me, one for the family name). I have a big fake tree this year, and I plan on growing my ornament collection over the years.

    I’m still bad on the shopping aspect, but when I find that perfect gift for someone, I have to admit, I do enjoy it …

  2. it’s the Millenium Falcon it’s not the Starship Enterprise (Star Trek sucks!). Readers please be aware, I did compromise on not putting the Leia in slave girl outfit ornament up!

    • wormy

      All things geek related seem to run together…Star Wars/Star Trek…what’s the difference? They are all “Star” something. And people, what he says is true about Princess Leia…I had to put my foot down somewhere. I guess I should take back that Star Trek snuggie I bought you for Christmas.

  3. Joe

    Can I make you an offer on the Leia ornament since Wormy has put a bathrobe on her? She will look great next to 7 of 9.

  4. Just put some Christmas music on, light candles, and drink egg nog with lots of rum in it. That’s all the Christmas spirit(s) I need.

  5. Joe

    I’m sorry, but I need scantily clad action figures on my tree. I can’t wait to see 8 of 9.

  6. “All things geek related seem to run together…Star Wars/Star Trek…what’s the difference? They are all “Star” something.”

    What’s the difference?!? I…you…its…how dare…I can’t believe…

    There. Is. A. Difference.

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