PSA: The Hollywood Theater Needs YOU!

I received this email from someone on the board of the Hollywood Theater.  Please consider volunteering to keep it open. You want to keep seeing Rocky Horror don’t you? Thanks!

As you know the Hollywood Theater reopened this past summer.  They have been showing fantastic classics, cool B movies, horror and cult flicks and movies for kids.  They also have special events like wine and beer tastings to go along with a movie and they are teaming up with Enrico’s Biscotti to bring you dinner and a movie on a monthly basis. (A beer tasting of Leinenkugel’s Classic Amber is scheduled for this Friday right before the movie, “The Hangover” which is scheduled for 9:30pm.   Dinner and a movie is on Sunday, December 20th at 6:00–the movie is “A Christmas Story.”  Details for the event are posted on line at

The Hollywood is also a BYOB theater (beer and wine only) and you can now order pizza and hoagies and eat them in the theater!

What you may not know is that the theater operates daily with the help of volunteers.  Volunteers help with ticket sales and concessions every Tuesday through Sunday.  There is a core base of volunteers, who are awesome and can’t be thanked enough for their time and energy, but more are needed.  We need the residents of this community to back this theater and lend a hand.  Yes, you are needed to go to the movies and experience the awesomeness of a single screen theater, but if you can support the theater by volunteering that would be great too!  Even once a month would work…as little as 2.5 hours!

If you think you can lend a hand, please go to and click on “volunteer” and fill out the form.  You can also email the volunteer coordinator Holly at There are other opportunities besides tickets and concessions–PR/marketing, etc..if you are interested in getting more involved.  If you know someone that may be interested please forward this along.  If you have contacts with local colleges or high school community service departments please send a reply email.  Without the support of the community, the theater will not succeed in the end.

Thank you for seriously considering lending a hand…any way you can.



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4 responses to “PSA: The Hollywood Theater Needs YOU!

  1. That’s very cool. Had no idea there were volunteer-driven movie theaters. We SO need a movie theater in Lawrenceville. Pittsburgh is way under stocked on movie theaters and donut shops.

  2. I keep meaning to get to the theater, gotta fix that. I’ll trumpet this issue on the next couple shows!

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