Time To Take The Plunge…..

Are humans stoopid or what?

I’m committed this year, or should I say, I should be committed….  I’m jumping this year into the icy cold Mon River on New Years Day.  Last year I went and watched and regretted not jumping the second everyone was in the water. Not this year.  I’m doing it, and I would LOVE it if you joined me, Chilla, Mindbling, Mavrick and a shit-ton of our friends as we continue the Polar Bear Plunge tradition and start 2010 off with a rocking luau tailgate, the plunge and a kick ass after party at the Hard Rock Cafe at Station Square.

Here are the details:

When:  Friday, January 1st 2010 Jump @ 930am

Where:  Mon Wharf Parking lot – Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Why:  Cause we are stupid

Pre-Party tailgate starts at 8am, with the jump at 930.  After party (around 1030am) at Hard Rock Cafe which is offering specials of 15% off food, mixed drink specials and $3 beers for all Polar Bear jumpers.

Even if you don’t want to jump come down and watch. We need people to hold our towels, cameras and the rest of our crap.   I promise you will want to do it next year.  I plan on showing 2010 who’s boss.



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4 responses to “Time To Take The Plunge…..

  1. Yinz are crazy n’at but I will be in tow with champagne and my not so little brother just like last year…its going to be a cold one fo sho! CRAZY PEOPLE ROCK

  2. I think Bryan is going to jump. I’ll be there holding crap and taking pictures.

  3. aight, I commited right after last years tweets and blog posts. Now that it’s less than a week away reality has set in, but I have dealt with my inner fear and kicked its ass. I’ll be there and I’m bringing the BEV stupidasswhitepeopledoingdumbshit propane heater that will rock when I drag my dumb ass outta the Mon. srsly…can’t wait kiddo! (Jen will be a photo journalist)

  4. CrazyLady

    I will be there to support you fools, camera in hand, but I won’t jump in!!! 🙂

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