Jumping Into 2K10 With Both Feet

Nothing says “Welcome, 2010!” like a jump into the frozen, filthy waters of the Mon River. This morning dawned, snowy and cold, perfect for the 2nd annual Yinz Team Polar Bear Plunge.

We don’t do it for charity. We don’t do it because it’s refreshing. We do it strictly for the honor of saying Yes, yes I am crazy bad ass. Twitter people can be hard core, too, people.

This is why 40 of us gathered together at the Mon Wharf. We came with hangovers and coffee, we came with beer and booze, we came with chips and salsa. And one of us came with a giant propane heater. Cause that’s how we roll. Thanks to @unclecrappy for setting up the pre-party and @burghseyeview for keeping us toasty warm!

Not everybody jumped, but everybody played a part. There were people standing by with a helping hand, to haul frozen swimmers out of the river. Sometimes by their swim shoe (special thanks to @Dacheet and that random dude in the flowered shorts. You saved Wormy’s life!). Some people snapped pictures, took videos, held onto engagement rings, or stood by with blankets and towels.

All of us cheered.

Mavrick, Wormy, Chilla  and Wikki all jumped for the first time. Wormy and Chilla actually made the news. They looked THAT CUTE jumping in and holding hands together.

Thanks also go out to @HardRockpgh for opening up early to feed us and continuing to get our drink on.

I don’t know how you decided to start your 2010, but if you weren’t with us, you missed out. We will, of course, be doing this again next year. If you have any balls at all, you will join us. There is a chance you will, however, be leaving without your balls. That water is cold, ya’ll.



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3 responses to “Jumping Into 2K10 With Both Feet

  1. Joe

    Excellent work! You two make a darling video couple I must say.

  2. Joe

    Chilla Way to leave Wormy in the water!

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