Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Just wanted to give you guys an update on my Dad. If you recall back in September he was diagnosed with Esophogus cancer.  Since then he has been on aggressive radiation and chemo treatments.  It hasn’t been pretty.  He’s lost a decent amount of weight, hair and humor.  He can’t poop, eat or sleep. He’s in constant pain, contracted a staph infection and had his stomach tube fall completely out.  Its been hell for him.  I saw him over Christmas and he was between treatments and was feeling pretty good.  At that point he only had one round left and then we were going to find out if the poison did its job.

All day yesterday my Dad was on my mind.  Heavily on my mind.  For some reason I knew I had to call him.  So I did.

Wormy:  Hey Dad…How are you?

Dad:  Hi..are you calling about the results?

Wormy: <no idea what he’s talking about> What results?

Dad: I got my test results back today

Wormy: okay….and…..

Dad: The tumor is shrunk to almost nothing and the lymph nodes are completely clear!

Wormy: YIPPPEEEE!!!!!

This is great news!  If this didn’t happen he wouldn’t be able to get the surgery, which is the next step to eradicating this completely.  Surgery is scheduled for February, which is not going to be a picnic either, but I’m hopeful this will all be behind us by Spring.  Keep sending your positive energy and I’ll keep you posted.



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7 responses to “Kicking Cancer’s Ass

  1. APR

    Positive energy, coming right up!

  2. Dana (toadflax)

    Great news about your Dad!

  3. That’s great news about your Dad! Positive energy is definitely coming your way.

  4. Congrats on Dad. That’s huge!

  5. Fantastic!
    I’ll have your dad in my pocket for his surgery!

  6. Wooohooo! That’s fantastic news!

  7. Ugh. My Uncle had that and they caught it too late. This was also 15 years ago. How great to hear your dad’s story. Cancer sucks from the pit of hell. Praying for your dad today.

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