Snowpocalypse 2010

Blizzard of 2010…wow, huh?  Did you expect it?  Personally I didn’t think it was going to happen.  They (they being everyone) said snow is coming (!) time and time again and it hasn’t happened yet, so why would it happen this time?   Boy was I wrong.  I laughed at everyone scurrying around for groceries.  Mocked them even.  The joke was on me…I was the one left without cat food.   Friday night, Chilla and I had Warwie, Richard Gere and his girlfriend, K over for drinks and laughs.   Laugh we did until we realized HOWMUCHSNOWWASFALLING!!!  At that point, who cares? We had food, booze and friends. We were good.

Woke up Saturday to 23 inches.  Those mounds are actually cars.

Chilla and I decided we needed smokes and cat food RIGHTNOW! So we walked up to West Liberty to see what was open and what was happening out there.

It’s interesting how an event like this brings people together.  I’ve lived in this apartment for 6 years.  I know almost everyone on my street.  As we were walking, we passed a house that I have never seen the occupants. Today, they were outside shoveling the driveway.  2 guys, one white, one Asian.  They said hello, we chatted about the snow for a bit.  Chilla and I were CONVINCED they were a very lovely gay couple.  Isn’t our neighborhood diverse? And then we moved on.

Barely any car’s on the road but lots of people with the same idea as us.  Again, people saying “Hello” and “Good Morning” as if we live on set of Cheer’s.  If it was a sunny day in July, I guarantee no one would even make eye contact with us.  Sunoco was open, so we pushed our luck and walked to see if Dunkin Donuts was open.  SCORE!  Coffee, a Boston Crème donut and an orange-cranberry muffin later we were heading back home.

Digging the car out turned into a block party.  Chilla worked his ass off digging out our front door, my car, our neighbor’s car and another neighbor’s parking space.  He is the man!

Richard Gere decided to have a bonfire at his place for the neighbors so we headed over there for drinks around 6pm. I’m not even sure open flame is legal in Dormont.

As we are all drinking and chatting, I mention that we talked to that nice gay couple that lives up the street.  EVERYONE BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. I’m all like “What?”  Apparently, they are not a gay couple and I don’t live in a diverse neighborhood.  Richard is like “they are father and son” and I’m like, “no they’re not. The one guy is Asian and clearly gay. My gay-dar was going off full tilt.” And he’s all “ that’s the son! The mother was Asian but she died last year.”  And I’m all like “OOHHH…are you sure?” All the other neighbors confirmed this.  I am an idiot with a broken gay-dar.  Oh well, they were lovely all the same and now I know who lives in that house.

Commence to drinking….Nothing beats an outdoor bar.  Everything stays nice and cold. Easy peasy. So cold in fact that even with the bonfire, my feet were frozen.

At about 8pm we decided to have everyone over to our place for more drinks and some food…inside.  You know, where its warm.  Needless to say it was drunken debauchery at its finest.  9 people went through 3 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of tequila, 1 bottle of margarita mix, 1 bottle of vodka and plenty of mixers.  That’s not including all the alcohol consumed the previous 2 hours at the bonfire.  Chilla got up and did the dishes before I could take a picture of the destruction that was our kitchen but I snapped one after.  Look at all those glasses!

Snowpocalypse 2010 was a great time, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to do it again for like another 16 years. (Remember Blizzard of 1993?) We drank, we ate, we met new people and bonded with old friends.  Fortunately our power stayed on and we could still flush the toilet.  I hope you had a great experience this weekend too.



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3 responses to “Snowpocalypse 2010

  1. lauren_hbg

    Good times out here in the eastern half as well – we got 23 inches and started drinking as soon as we realized this, approximately 8:30 AM Saturday morning. We were in bed by 10 PM but it was a fun fun fun day in Lewisberry, PA!

    Even the guys at the beer distributor were feeling charitable, we showed up with $54, needing three cases, and were a dollar short – the guy at the register spotted us because we must’ve looked desperate. So I’m with you on the whole snow-brings-neighborhoods-together front. 🙂

  2. I’ve barely seen neighbors since I moved in 3 years ago. Saturday morning’s snow festivities was like a get to know your neighbor event for my little no outlet street. Or an ice cream social with a LOT of ice cream you can’t eat…

  3. Coffee

    umm next time we have a snow like this I am comming to dormont. Lebo just doesnt roll like that.

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