Hot Mama Goes Groupie…(and totally sucks at videotaping)

I ventured out for a friend night. I won’t call it a ladies night because there were men there too…but not Hot Papa. I got a free pass because my friend and neighbor, Birdie, invited me to go to The Hard Rock to see her boyfriend Dean’s band. The band is called Music From Another Room and they are pretty kick ass in my humble opinion. They were participating in 105.9 The X’s Battle of the Bands. I was so excited at the prospect of a friends night, that I even went out and bought a new outfit. I would have inserted a picture of that here, but there were technical difficulties that I will describe later when I write my apology to Birdie’s boyfriend as to why the video of his band is not on here.

Anyway, off I went, new outfit, summer purse (thinking positive here, people), and fabulous hair. Birdie literally lives next door and offered to drive. SCORE!! We got there, had some delicious food, and all the while I was resisting the urge to tell people, “I’m with the band.” There were five bands, I recorded a small portion of each band on my little video recorder and recorded all of Dean’s band. Or so I thought. Once again…technical difficulties. Long story short, the night was fabulous, the place was rockin, and I told someone off. Yep, that’s right…watch out people, Hot Mama should really be Hard Core Mama. I was completely justified in this as I heard her talking about Birdie. First Rule of Smack Talking: Don’t do it. Second Rule of Smack Talking: If you decide to ignore rule numero uno, you should make sure that your victim’s friends are not standing right next to you. I won’t give details as to why this idiotic girl was ignoring all the rules or why she was even talking in the first place, but I will tell you this: She was about 5’8 to my 5’3. I called her Sweetpea. I did not yell or swear. I am a very classy tell off-er.

The band didn’t win, but they played an awesome set and they have crazy stage energy.

Ok, Dean, if you are reading this, here is my apology. I forgot to hit record until the second half of your set. Duh! You can blame the Miller Light special for that one. I got it the second half, but when I listened to it this morning, I realized the sound quality was horrible. I could not put that on here for goodness sakes! You guys totally rocked it and my recording would not do you any justice. If I would have known this in advance, I would have taken pictures instead of videos…so here is the best I can do:

Music From Another Room
is the shiz. Go check them out!! Next time they play a show, I will make sure to post it in advance…you all know it is fun to support Pittsburgh based bands!

Ok have a good weekend everyone!


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