Hungry For Lunch?? Try This Place…

Drummer has been spending the night every Saturday to babysit the boys so we can go out. It has been fantastical for my marriage and I feel like I am reclaiming my self a bit. Drummer is the shiz to have for a brother, I am very lucky. The only compensation that he requires is forty dollars a month, a Monster energy drink each Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning. Other then that, he pretty much has the run of my house to play video games, eat the entire contents of my fridge, surf my internet, and text message all of his female admirers. He is only responsible for about one hours worth of actual babysitting, as we don’t usually leave until damn near bedtime. It is a win win situation all around.

I usually let Drummer pick the breakfast restaurant which is usually Eat n Park or Denny‘s or some such chain, but this week Hot Papa suggested we try something different. We ventured North a bit on Perry Highway to a lovely little spot called Kelly O’s Diner. This place was adorable all around. First of all, instead of crayons, they gave the kids little tubs of Play-doh. This, in my opinion, is freaking awesome. The staff consisted of mostly 20 to 30 something ladies and they were all very friendly. The food was good…typical american diner cuisine. But the knick-knacks…the knick-knacks are what won me over, thus guaranteeing that I will be returning there often. First of all, look how cute this place is. It makes me want to eat there.

I spotted this little sign about the 3/50 project, which I will be looking into now because I am all about boosting the local economy.

This sign was taped up next to a palm tree…how cute is that. Of course I said hello to the tree cause that is how I roll.

I am sure that, once again, I embarrassed my family by snapping pictures of obscure things and talking to plants. I am also sure that, once again, I do not care.

Here was my absolute favoritefavoriteFAVORITE thing I have ever seen. I wanted to steal this sign, but since I liked the place so much, I was with impressionable children, and I am a decent person who spends 85 percent of her time feeling guilty already…well, I figured it best to just take a picture of it and hope to God that I find this exact sign at some point in my lifetime.

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. I have never heard this expression before, I have no idea what it’s orgins are, and to be honest, I don’t really even know what the hell it means. I assume it is similar to don’t get your panties in a bunch…regardless, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle is my new favorite phrase.

As we were leaving, I noticed a sign with their website. When I got home and looked it up, I decided I liked it even more…the owner, Kelly O’Connor is a Pittsburgh-bred single mom of two who decided to quit her former job as a bartender to open her own restaurant. Apparently, Kelly O’s has been featured on the Food Networks Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

I recommend this diner for reasons well beyond the food…I find it very empowering! This is a chick, a single mom, with obvious Pittsburgh pride, who is doing her thing with a cool local business. You go girl!

I’m all about supporting anything Pittsburgh based…local business is the life-blood of our economy, check this place out if you get the chance!

Happy Lunch Hour,

❤ Hot Mama



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7 responses to “Hungry For Lunch?? Try This Place…

  1. You had me at “Play Doh”. They should have that at all restaurants.

    • Wormy

      And not just for the kids…I LOVE Playdoh!

      • Hot Mama

        I know, right?! And they gave us about 6 mini tubs of all different colors. Most places give you about 2 crayons and they are usually brown and orange. LAME! I think Playdoh could be the new pink for pre-meal entertainment.

  2. sjillis

    Go, NA class of 1983!

  3. I wondered why that place looked familiar then realized it’s practically around the corner from my house. Sounds like a great place, I’ll definitely have to check it out some time soon.

  4. CrazyLady13

    I couldn’t agree more Hot Mama! I love Kelly O’s!!!! I saw it a few times on local commercials about ‘diner divas’ or something like that a year or so back, but then saw 2 different episodes of Diners, Dives & Drive Ins with Guy Fieri that featured Kelly O’s.

    I mentioned this place to the guy I’m dating and he goes there all the time with his daughter. He took me and I’m sold! Love the atmosphere, love the history of how Kelly got her place, love the food!!!

    Just felt the urge to share that I agree with you!!!

    • Hot Mama

      Yay, I am glad! I hope lots of people agree! The commercials you are thinking of are The Diner Ladies…they are a group of local, woman owned diners…pretty groovy!

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