The Big Reveal

The Bitches want to thank everyone that wagered a guess and WOW did you guys get into it! There was some serious CSI/supersleuthing/picture analysis going on!  I heard about people having conference calls, flow charts and Twitter comment graphs. Okay….drumroll please!



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30 responses to “The Big Reveal

  1. shanlin1022

    You bitch!! I knew it!! Flashback to game night and talking about trigeminal!

    I am so freaking happy for you and maverick!!

  2. APR

    Hot damn. Congrats Blingeroo!!

  3. Pam

    oh my goodness! Congratulations to you and Maverick!

  4. Congrats, wishing you, Mav and the little one, all of the best. 🙂



  6. The little Lion's mom

    Who will drink all of your boxed wine? I’ll volunteer to help with that.


  7. Congrats, Blingy!

    This ought to be one tire-squealing, gravel-throwing U-Turn on the racetrack of life…

  8. Uncle Crappy

    MB! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations!

    How will the PLCB survive the dip in their revenue for the next few months? The rest of us will have to step it up.

  10. OMG SO EXCITED! Congrats!!!!

  11. TammyG817

    Holy crap!!!?? congrats Mindbling and Mav! I didn’t think I’d actually be right! we’ll have to have play dates with our new babies! Hope you’re feeling good!

  12. AmyR.

    Congratulations!! Awesome, awesome news and the little one is sure to be super cute. Did you tell Jr. yet? Is he excited for a new bro or sis?

  13. annoyedangelrants

    WOW. Congrats to Mindbling & Maverick. WOW.

  14. adriennemcc


  15. Yay! Congrats to Mindbling and Maverick!!

  16. Michelle

    Wow! Congrats to you and Maverick!

  17. Wow! I was totally fooled.

    Congratulations, you nut. I, too, will help with that boxed wine if ya want!

  18. I *squee*’d. Then I peed. Congratulations, mama 🙂

  19. Big Dancin' Mama

    So happy the secret is out! I was afraid to comment and tip my insider knowledge. I’ve heard that women who have children 14 years apart are an elite group, with star-struck futures. . .

  20. Maverick and Mindbling CONGRATULATIONS and let us know when you need help! We are here for you at BEV

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