We Have A Weiner! I Mean A Winner! Whatever!

Honestly, I say we all win. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind thoughts and comments on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, via texting, in emails, etc. I cannot express to you in words how much I love you. Well. LIKE you. I like you. Some of you, I may love. Some, I just may not love yet. But I like all of you. So much.

As you all know by now, I, mindbling, Queen of the Drunks, got knocked up. And everyone who guessed me was eligible to win the grand prize of boxed wine and a box’ condoms. That’s a lotta boxes.

 And the winner is …..

We had to narrow it down to the FIVE of you that thought it was me (really? Was it SO HARD to think that I might WANT to have a baby? Stop laughing. I mean it. You’re making me mad. Knock it off. FINE. I get it. I was the dark horse).


So one of those lucky people were going to win this … (*)

and the unopend box of condoms that Mavrick and I bought when we first started doing the ol’ whoseywhatsey.

Then we had to have an objective name-picker-outer. Who better than E-man?

Mom, I AM getting paid for this, right?

 And the winner is …

Notice Smiley in the background? Some people have random number generators. We have child labor.


I have no idea who that is IRL, so ya gotta email us and let us know. We have a box o’wine and some pecker rain coats with YOUR NAME ON IT! Well, not your real name. But jessess!

Thanks to all of you who played along. And hopefully sometime soon, we can play this fun game again. Because I have poked holes in all of Wormy’s condoms. I don’t want to go through this shit all by myself. I need my bitches!


(*) Fact: Hot Mama has a comment crush on carpetbagger. She actually texted me and Wormy and told both of us that we should ‘arrange’ for him to win, because she likes his comments ts much. Not to worry, dear readers. Wormy and I stuck to our guns and made her do it the honest way.


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One response to “We Have A Weiner! I Mean A Winner! Whatever!

  1. Hot Mama’s comment crush is prize enough.

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