Bitch Slap ~ Episode 1

With the awesome help of Chilla, The Bitches have entered the 21st century! Welcome to Bitch Slap, our new pod cast at BitchBurgh.  We are discussing some hot topics from the previous week and basically just shooting the shit.  WARNING:  This probably isn’t suitable for work, at least not without earbuds. We swear…a lot….at least Wormy does.  She has such a potty mouth.  Enjoy!

Bitch Slap Episode 1



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3 responses to “Bitch Slap ~ Episode 1

  1. Starsky

    It won’t play for me past the 17:59 mark! Oh no…I need to finish watching! HELP! lol

    On another note…as I Tweeted…I almost fell off my chair when Mindbling did her ‘Monongahela Shore’.

    • Wormy

      I just sent Chilla a message…hope he can get it working!

      • It worked from 4 different machines on 3 different networks, I’ll see if I can duplicate the error when I get home. Sorry it is the first time I’ve even tried anything like this, let a lone getting it done on the BitchBurgh budget 😉

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