Wormy Gets Assaulted at the Home and Garden Show

Me, Chilla and Mama Chilla lunched at the Sonoma Grill, which was FANTASTIC and headed on over to the Home and Garden Show at the Convention center on Sunday. The place was packed, we ran into my neighbor Richard Gere and Kay, and @MrsCrappy and her fam.  We were in a buying frenzy of cleaning products, gardening equipment and stove top grills until we couldn’t hold anymore loot in our hands.

We are at a booth for pet hair remover, Chilla was holding my hand (aawww) and we were watching the presentation.  He got distracted by something shiny and wondered over to the next booth. Not a big deal cause I was riveted by the amount of hair this wonder wand could hold.

A minute later I feel a hand on the back of my neck and without looking I thought it was Chilla, come back to feel me up, which isn’t out of the norm like at all. A split second later “The Hand” grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks it hard, pulling my head and neck at an awkward and uncomfortable angle.  Now, I’m like, WTF Chilla, is he kidding?  I try to turn my head to see who has me in this headlock and it’s a (roughly) 17 yr old girl. My first thought was “She must think I’m someone else and is joking around” but then I noticed she was slack jawed, eyes askew and glazed over….and she wouldn’t let go of my hair.  There was definitely something SEVERLY wrong with her.  Her father was engaged in the next booth over talking to experts about organic farming and had no idea what she was doing. I asked her “do I know you” to which her response was a large wad of drool sliding down the side of her mouth. I disengaged myself from her death grip and moved away.  Quickly.



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6 responses to “Wormy Gets Assaulted at the Home and Garden Show

  1. I head that they have Katie Holmes out recruiting now days, coulda been her…

  2. It’s obvious that you have irresistbably grabbable hair, and she just went with it.

  3. sunshine

    That’s terrifying to say the least. I mean, what do you do? The same thing happened to me at the convention center during the Childrens’ Exhibit thing-do. I was with my brother, sister-in-law and niece Maddy and we were just hanging out near the petting zoo trying to coax her to go in (she’s timid around animals). The next thing I know, someone starts playing with my hair and within seconds is tugging it hard. Madison is laughing hysterically and I can hardly move my head. My brother had to come to my rescue. Apparently a llama thought my hair looked like hay and decided to start eating it. Not as scary as your situation but definately a lot messier…my hair was cover in llama spit. Yuck.

  4. sunshine

    I did buy them…you were right not to.

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