Wormy is Trolling YouTube for Tampons

Kotex Feminine Products  has a new ad promotion that is actually being banned from TV. Who knew you couldn’t say the word “Vagina” on network television?  Thank God for the Internet, we can say it over and over…VAGINA…VAGINA…VAGINA….I just had to get that out of my system.

Well, I will not stand for gag orders…the world needs to see these, cause they are hilarious.  Its got hip new packaging and a new take on “that time of the month”.  Gone are the days of dancing in white pants with no blood stains or running a marathon without changing your tampon.

Kotex even created a website for feed back on the new campaign “Breaking The Cycle”.

You’re Welcome.

One girl’s take on tampon ads. Spoiler alert: Her period wardrobe doesn’t include white spandex.

A confused guy gets advice from strangers about which period products to get for his girlfriend.

See what people are comfortable saying about these rather anatomical inkblots.



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5 responses to “Wormy is Trolling YouTube for Tampons

  1. “Men make things that are stupid”.


    Those are priceless…

  2. “It’s a mans world, men make things that are stupid”

    give that person advertiser of the friggin’ year!

  3. Mindbling

    Meat banana. That is all.

  4. Big Dancin' Mama

    Okay, so I am coming to depend on you to troll YouTube to find all that is culturally pertinent to my life. I loved all three! Thanks for two laughs to start my day and one to end it. Meat banana, indeed!

  5. Danielle

    Those are the best ads I’ve seen…ever!

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