The Day I Thought Mindbling Was a Crazy Stalker Chick

Hey-o! Mindbling here. My partner in fertilization, Mavrick, has something to say. And I’m going to let him say it. For once. This should make him very happy. Enjoy a little peak into what it’s like to be my baby daddy.

OK – So by now everyone knows that Mindbling and I are having little Mavbling in September.

But there was a day, not that long ago, that not only did I not think we were having a baby – but that your dear Mindbling was completely and absolutely BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!

It was a little over 3 weeks ago ….I picked up Mindbling and we were heading to Dr. Gene’s office for our 2nd OBGYN visit of the pregnancy.  It was week 12 of being preggo and far enough along to hear little Mavbling’s heartbeat for the very first time.  And we were both ecstatic about it.

So we go into the exam room, me toting Mindbling’s big fuzzy pink terry cloth robe – cause if you look at styling paper frock they made her wear in the first appointment, she wasn’t having any of that this time.

The nurse comes in, makes MB lay down on the exam table, tells her to pull up her shirt a bit (no frumpy frock required this time) and starts to circle with the monitor around on MB’s stomach to locate the  heartbeat.

The nurse tries very diligently, but after poking and prodding from a few different angles – she tells us she is having a hard time finding it and that the doctor would have to do it.

So I think, well that’s a little odd.  She does this every day.  And it’s not like there are many places for little Mavbling to hide.  But maybe she’s new so I cut her a break.

So the Doc comes in and repeats the same drill the nurse does…..and nothing.  Not even a peep.  But she keeps at it trying to locate it.

All the while I now I’m starting to think….what if MB isn’t pregnant???  What if this is just some big charade she is pulling?  After all, Glee is her favorite show – maybe it gave her some ideas….

So I start to think back….

That positive preggo test pic that was posted on the blog – yours truly never got to see it until that post went up.  MB just called me one day, told me she took a test, and that she was pregnant.

And then in hit me – she actually took the test the last day of her cycle.  Who does that?  Who runs out, spends $16 bucks on a test, and takes it BEFORE THEY EVEN MISS A PERIOD FOR A SINGLE DAY???

And then I started to ponder some more.  Doesn’t the docs office normally do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy?  I was with her at that 1st appointment – and they didn’t draw blood – but they did give her a script to go get blood drawn at Quest.

Now I am really starting to panic.  OMG – she never went and got her blood drawn.  She made an appointment like 9 different times in the last 4 weeks, and ended up canceling or blowing off every one of them.

HOLY SHIT – she doesn’t want to get her blood drawn because she knows it will come back negative and this little stunt she is pulling will be over.

No heartbeat, no blood test, hiding the pee test from me – not only is she not pregnant, she is certifiably nuts.   I have to get the hell out of here….quickly.

All of these things I am going to have to do start racing through my mind – change my cell, block her on facebook, get a PFA, move….

And then I heard it….about the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life….little Mavblings heartbeat.  And we got it captured on the FlipCam.

Plus, if you look really close – you can check out Wormy’s mad skills as a Brazilian waxer….. (MB’s note – and my facial herpe, Phil.)



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3 responses to “The Day I Thought Mindbling Was a Crazy Stalker Chick

  1. Starsky

    Isn’t that the most amazing thing ever! Congrats again!

    Wait…did she just say she can’t tell if there is more than one?

    Again, my guess is a girl…did you see that heartrate?!?!?!

  2. so.


    i vote girl. we need more bitches. 🙂

    secret agent l

  3. Wow, Mav’s got quite the overactive imagination! In the space of a few minutes, he has MB faking a pregnancy and probably stealing a baby and pretending it’s hers.

    Glad to here it was a false alarm. Stay vigilant, Mav. And remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not following you!

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