The Great Donut Debacle of April 3rd, 2010. Also, Easter!!

So I woke up yesterday to the sun shining and the birdies chirping. It was going to be a fantastical day! I had an appointment to meet my trainer at 9, so I got ready, and bebopped down to the high school track to meet her. I had plans later that morning to meet Wormy and Chilla at DD to get our Secret Agent L Donut, Mavrick was getting our new house ready, jr. was at home and not in jail, absolutely nothing terrible had happened to me in days. DAYS. I should have known something was coming.

I had a great workout with Ivy (she is my trainer. I love her. I have never been in better shape. 4.5 months pregnant – gained one pound. My arms look better now than they have in years! Who says you gotta get fat when you’re pregnant? People who don’t have my trainer, that’s who), and head to my truck to go home.

I looked at my phone. I had 47 missed calls. Apparently in the hour it took me to work out, the entire world had gone to hell in an Easter Basket. Time to regulate the funkiness.

Crisis One: Wormy. Dunkin Donuts had graciously offered to supply Secret Agent L Donuts to five location in the Burgh. BUT THEY WEREN’T THERE. People were going to get their donuts, but only ONE LOCATION HAD THEM, and people were mad. There was a mob forming, and if we didn’t get this under control, a mass boycott of DD would take place, and the headlines would read “Lent-Starved Donut Freaks Break Windows And String Up Local Bloggers”. Even the usually-calm Secret Agent L was sharpening her pitchfork. I had to do something.

Crisis Two: My mother was calling me, threatening to commit acts of violence if I didn’t take my nephew (the autistic one) for a few hours so she could get ready for Easter.

Crisis Three: Apron and Blondie were dropping their car off to get worked on, right down the street from my house, and they were ready for me to pick them up. We were going to hang out while the repairs were made.

I happen to be excellent in times of crisis, so I spring to action. I made one call to our friend Robyn at Dunkin Donuts. She was horrified that the donuts weren’t out, and within ten minutes had gotten all but one of the location to get them out on the shelves. Some of them weren’t the EXACT donut, but donuts none the less. They had a Secret Agent L label, so I was happy.

I call my mother back, I tell her she has five minutes to get my nephew over. I call Apron and Blondie, I tell them I will be there in ten. I call Wormy, I tell her I will be at DD in 20.

20 minutes later, there we were. Donuts all around, and chilla with his new iPad! (I am pretty sure Wormy is going to have to arrange a tragic accident to befall the iPad if she wants chilla’s attention any time soon. The man didn’t look up once from the damn thing).

The morning had gotten off to a rocky start, but I was happy with the outcome. No, the donuts weren’t exactly what they were supposed to be, but don’t tell my nephew. He liked it so much, he had two. This is the face of happy:

If there is a lesson to be learned here, I suppose it would be, nothing is as bad as it first seems. There is a solution to everything, you just have to be creative and willing to modify your expectations.

And when all else fails, just have a donut.




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4 responses to “The Great Donut Debacle of April 3rd, 2010. Also, Easter!!

  1. I’m glad you guys had a happy donut easter!

  2. Now that you have these ins at DD, could you arrange for them to build a store out my way? Like, in my back yard? Much thanks!

  3. coffee


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