Why Did This Man Not Win A Nobel Peace Prize?

Many of you do not know who Thomas Angove is. Was. Hell, I didn’t know until @beth910 tweeted it. Thomas Angove, one of the greatest minds to ever brandish a wine glass, has passed away.

Mr. Angove invented the box of wine. Some might sniff and say, “So what?”. In the scope of things that have been invented, does boxed wine really stand up to say, the artificial heart? The gas-combustion motor? Antibiotics?

I say yes, yes it does. It revolutionized wine in the same way Internet revolutionized porn. It took something that already existed, and it made it better, cheaper, and more accessible. It changed the wine industry forever, and it continues to change it as more and more people (me and the Bitches) become boxed wine advocates (drunks).

I ask all of my wine-swigging readers to lift a glass in memory of the man, the myth, the brave Aussie who dared to have a dream. And a box. And a plastic bag. And also a spout.

Sidenote – The man lived to be 92 years old. If THAT’S not a ringing endorsement for the vital importance of wine as part of a healthy diet, well then I just don’t know what is.



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8 responses to “Why Did This Man Not Win A Nobel Peace Prize?

  1. Hot Mama

    This is terribly sad news. I was not going to drink tonight, but what the hell…now I need to just open my fridge, fill my glass with Franzia Crisp White, and toast to the man who has, in the last 30 seconds, become my hero.

    • lauren_hbg

      I’m with you – I just bought a fresh box of Crisp White myself and will lift a glass for this man tonight!

  2. I’ve always embraced the wine box. It combines 3 major positives, as it carries wine that tastes good, gets me drunk, and decreases the number of visits to the liquor store.

    It also gave me a good line once, because, like you, I’ve never hidden my affinity for the wine box.

    Once I was preparing for a very big date, (of the hotel variety) and was describing all my preparations…

    “I had the candles lit, the lights low, mellow music playing and the wine chilling in the wine bucket. The box didn’t fit very well though.”

  3. Wine boxes rule! They last forever, although I’m pretty sure you girls will never find out.

    Here is a special tribute to the Wine Box Guy. Rest in peace.

    • Hot Mama

      au contraire…I once got a box that I didn’t like…It stayed in my fridge for months and I pawned it off slowly on my guests! Still tasted fine, I guess… 🙂

  4. My daughter relies on those boxes so that she can play the drums. I’m doing her a service, damnit. May he rest in peace.

  5. seattle

    My first ever wine was stolen from a box in my parents fridge. Who can tell if wine is missing from the box. Does that make boxed wine responsible for my troubled youth?

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