I want what she’s on…

So Smiley and I were just sitting here watching Ellen and she played the following video. I have watched it now 3 times and am  laughing so hard that I want to pee myself! This actually happened to me once when I was younger and needed to have mouth surgery. I told my mom that we were in Disneyland and that I felt like a cartoon character. Lucky for me, flipcams were not invented yet, so there was no way that she could blast it on Youtube!

This video may be old news to some, as I am not real up on my viral videos, but here you go…it’s worth a second, third, and fourth look! Enjoy!



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7 responses to “I want what she’s on…

  1. OMG. Who’s in the house?

    That rap is genius. GENIUS.

    • Hot Mama

      At first I thought Jay-Z was in the house…but then I realized she was talking about Jesus. I cannot stop watching it, it gets funnier every time!!

      • Cassie or Carly

        A magical ride…in blueberry fields.

        Perhaps it’s what the Beetles meant to write about instead of strawberry fields?

  2. “The land of the Un-ee-corns…”


  3. Chilla

    I was sooooo excited because J and C are my initials but I most def wouldn’t be at her house! I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out, it was fantastical!

    • Hot Mama

      I need to GET mine out. When I finally do, I promise to tape it and put it on the blog. THAT would be fantastical!!

      • Oh damn! I want to see that! My dad’s best friend took mine out (he’s an oral surgeon, I swear) and since I knew the doc, I got VIP treatment and an extra hour to sleep in the dentist chair. That way, no one got to make fun of me. However, my dad had to carry me out to the car and he said I sang “Jingle Bells,” but it sounded like yingle bells…

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