PSA: Dormont Pool Pub Crawl/Dig Dormont Fundraiser

As you all know I live in Dormont and support every community event/fundraiser that comes down the pike.  The Dormont Pub Crawl is April, 24th, people.  Me, Chilla and Mindbling will be selling T-shirts from 5pm-7pm on event day at the Dormont Plaza <bowling tweetups place> parking lot.  Crawl starts at 7pm, so we will be going straight from there.  Remember last year??? Who’s in?

Anyway, I’m also on the committee for Dig Dormont. Its a beautification project for the area. <no jokes please> They’ve launched an online fundraising campaign and are selling flowers from If you plan on planting spring/summer flowers please consider ordering them from here.

For every purchase you make, DIG Dormont, will receive 50% of the total sale. So, if  ” Sally” comes to the site and makes a purchase of $40… DIG Dormont will get $20 to use toward our fundraising goal.

What’s really great about this fundraising program is that their  partner, Flower Power Fundraising, is totally committed to the cause. They are putting out top-quality, best-selling flower bulbs and plants, shipping directly to you, and, they’re giving us a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s hard to go wrong with that!

I really hope you consider buying your flowers from here AND join us for the Pub Crawl.  Just don’t puke on the plants.



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4 responses to “PSA: Dormont Pool Pub Crawl/Dig Dormont Fundraiser

  1. Looks like this is the week for volunteering, huh?

  2. From

    Nice job with the video over on PG+. But I’ve never seen so much verbal gymnastics used to avoid saying the word ‘bitch’.

    Everyone looked great!

    You’ll have to tell us the story of how all that came to be. (the interview, not looking great).

  3. Hey Bitches! Thanks for supporting the cause!

  4. alg

    Hi, my name is Amy. I also live in Dormont. Just found your site.
    I write for a local online newspaper & would love to have you as an informational contact. You seem to know a lot about what’s going on in Dormont.
    Since our publication is specific to Dormont/Brookline, I’m trying to build a contact base of anyone who has info on the “goings on” in the immediate area.
    I’m especially interested in anything you have to say about the Dig Dormont project. It’s exactly the kind of local-interest news we feature.
    I’m pitching a story to my editor about Dig Dormont, and would love to include you as a source.
    Please contact me at if you’re at all interested 🙂
    Thanks & great blog!
    — Amy

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