Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan….Via Amtrak and without the Muppet’s Take 1

Chilla and I are huge Glee fans…as is the rest of The Bitches.   He surprised me with tickets to the live Glee show at Radio City Music Hall for Memorial Day weekend.  After much debate on how to get there, we decided on Amtrak.  Everyone (except one) person we talked to who has taken the train LOVES it. So we said sure, why not.  Its something neither of us has ever done, it will add to the adventure and maybe create a new tradition for us.

Amtrak is a beautiful thing people.  I had no idea how great it is….nobody talks about it and I think the reason they want to keep it a secret is so that it doesn’t get overcrowded.  We were given a vital piece of advise that I’m going to pass on to you.

If you decide to take the train, book Business Class.  Otherwise, you are in the cattle car with screaming babies, middle schoolers on field trips and well…cattle.  Business Class gives you free newspapers, pillows and all non-alcoholic drinks in the Club Car.  The roominess of the seats is well worth the extra $25 all by itself.  Furthermore, you are right next to Cafe Car, bathroom and lounge car.

The ride is so smooth I was able to apply my makeup flawlessly, and trust me, we are hauling ass.  Every time I looked out the window I got a bit sick. The bathrooms are spotless and twice as big as an airplane bathroom.  The Club Car is stocked full of snacks, drinks, beer, wine and sandwiches. Hell, its 830am as I’m writing this and just heard someone order a beer…I love this place!  But one of the best features is you can bring anything you want on board.  Food, alcohol & luggage.  Chilla and I brought 2 bottles of vodka, mixers, 3 bags of chips and a cheese & meat party platter.  He wanted to get a shrimp tray but I had to draw the line somewhere.

So far so good…..The only problem I see is there is no Wi-Fi, and that sucks. Bring a wireless card if you have one, which we don’t.  I won’t be able to post this until we stop somewhere.  Otherwise, electronicly speaking, there are outlets at each seat & tray tables that are like Transformers.  Every time I have to use the bathroom (I have a bladder the size of a pea) Chilla barely has to move a muscle.

Next up…find a spot for Tail on the Rail…the new Mile High Club

12:08…..just heard steward say “we’re all out of Heineken”….all drunks ride the train, who knew?



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8 responses to “Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan….Via Amtrak and without the Muppet’s Take 1

  1. That sounds like the coolest thing ever! I wanna ride an Amtrak! I gotta check that out.

    So, how awesome was the show???

  2. Thanks for the tips. (also, be sure to make with the precise location of T on the R activities, as I have cause to take Amtrak from Baltimore to NYC on occasion.)

    And watch out for those road crossings! It would be something if the train were to come to a stop at a crossing, while something untoward was pressed up against a window.

  3. Nice. I was wondering if it was scumy and Greyhoundy or something more acceptible. Hopefully you guys didn’t cause any derailments or anything…

    Looking forward to the next report.

  4. Jen and I took AMTRAK to New London via Philly, it was fantastick! I researched it prior and also chose binness class! The big engine powers huge generators which power the drive wheels so there is no shortage of AC power. The only drawback on the line we took was that it stops at every train station across PA, but we turned it into a plus by jumping off the car and smoking a cig. If you can handle 8 hours to Philly it rocks, hands down best mode of transportation around. I only wish it was sustainable as a private enterprise which would demand more routes. Glad you guys had fun, I hear the horshoe curve in Altoona is awesome in the fall!….Hutch

    • one more hour and you would be in NY…it took 9 hours…we were afraid to jump off at all the little stops for fear of the train leaving us behind. The Horseshoe Curve was the Major attraction along the way…I bet it is gorgeous in the fall…I guess we will just have to go again!

  5. That’s so cool. I’ve always wanted to take a train somewhere, so I’m glad to hear it’s a pleasant experience. Can’t wait to hear more.

  6. Seattle

    I loved my train ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC. All open seating and you don’t ha ve yo show up til 10 minutes before departure

  7. Wow that’s awesome. Makes me wanna take a train somewhere. What’s quickest train route to a beach?

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