Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan….Booze, Girls Dancing in Showers & Drunken Tweets…Take II

We continue on the trip and realize we can’t get off the train anywhere to smoke.  For 5 hours.  So if you are a smoker this could pose a problem.   If you don’t smoke, you’re A-OK.  At hour 5 you can get off at Harrisburg and then again in Philly. After that its an hour to NYC and you’re free. It wasn’t that bad…I started to fidget around hour 3 but just kept stuffing cheese puffs in my mouth until the craving passed.  And I took a nap…that helped.  Overall, I would highly recommend taking the train and would totally do it again.

Speaking of doing it…it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any way, type or sort of tail on the rail.  Its just way too open.  Which is a good thing, unless you want to have sex in a public place. Cause it ain’t happening.  There is no way to do anything in your seat, all of us could see each other and attendants are always walking through (I’m guessing to curb this behavior)…and you have to go through the Café Car and the Lounge Car to get to the bathroom, so everyone in those areas would see two people go in there, not to mention hear everything.  Oh well, we made up for it later.

We bust into Penn Station, and OMG it’s a giant cluster fuck.  I have never been in here before and its just mass chaos. We navigate our way out and head to the hotel.  Chilla knows a guy who knows a guy…we walk into a deluxe hotel layout and this:

The place was awesome, staff was incredible and the location was great!

We pull our shit together and head out to dinner at Connolly’s Irish Pub.  It was good Irish fare…bartender was friendly and said he liked Pittsburgh so that always scores points in my book.  Chilla had found out a DJ he liked was spinning that night at a club called Pacha. It’s a 4 level dance place in Hell’s Kitchen. Fortunately, he put us on a “list” of sorts cause otherwise the cover was $30 smackers each….HA!  We freak out if the cover to a bar in Pittsburgh is more than $5…but we got in for free after being felt up, my purse being dumped out and being pushed around in a large crowd…oh the things I do for my man.

We belly on up to the bar and order 2 drinks.  Vodka/Tonic for me & Vodka/Coke for him….That will be $42 please…REALLY?  You could have kissed me before you fucked me….sheesh!  We start walking around and find these girls dancing in showers.

Interesting. Moving on…cause I already feel like a cow from all the cheese puffs I consumed when I couldn’t smoke.

Next thing you know….I am wasted.  Well at least that $21 drink did some damage.  Oh and the damage it did. We left there after an hour or so and found another bar down the street, Deacon Brodie’s Tavern …and kept drinking, cause that was the smart thing to do…hell, we are on vacation!  Someone should have taken my phone off of me or at the very least disabled my Twitter…. Read from the bottom up…It just kept getting worse:

For as embarrassing as this is to show you it still cracks my shit up everytime I read it. Here we are wasted somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen and somehow we made it back to the hotel in one piece with absolutely no help from me, that’s for sure.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!



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4 responses to “Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan….Booze, Girls Dancing in Showers & Drunken Tweets…Take II

  1. laurenhbg

    I’m definitely with you on the train-taking. We live in Harrisburg and visit our friend that lives in Brooklyn every once in awhile and the train rocks! We just got regular tickets, non-business class, but we haven’t had any bad experiences…yet.

    Next time you’re in NYC, go to the Black Bear Lodge – cheap-ish drinks, and you’d never know you were in New York, it’s a good time.

  2. omg….the tweets are perfection…I am about to fall off my chair here at work laughing! Worm, I want to share a $21 drink with you and Chilla sometime, for sure!

  3. Reminds me of the trip a bunch of us took to NYC in 2001. We walked around Greenwich Village and stopped at a bar called Senor Swanky’s for a drink. Eight Margaritas, two Coronas and a plate of nachos later and we were in for $178 and change.

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