Paddle at The Point

On Saturday June 5 history was made. Well, we hope so anyway.  From what I’ve read, organizers of Paddle at the Point are awaiting confirmation from Guinness Book of World Records for setting a record of 1,800 canoes and kayaks on the rivers at Point State Park despite heavy rain and winds.  (If this is confirmed please let us know. )

One awesome participate created this video and it is amazing. You can see when the rains hit full force on the attendants and they just keep rowing along.  Gotta love that kind of commitment.  Congrats to all that participated…it seemed like a rock’n good time!





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3 responses to “Paddle at The Point

  1. OMGawd, that’s amazing, but looks like little roaches scurrying around the lake and then under the bridge when the rains hit…but very cool!

  2. I was there! I can’t identify my boat, but it was a red one. Awesome video. It was a great experience despite the crappy weather.

  3. Seattle

    I was going to use the same word– amazing. How I miss Pittsburgh…

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