Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan…Star Spotting and Glee, Glee, Glee Take III

Sorry I am so far behind on this but I came down with a medical condition that set me back about 2 weeks.  Nothing to worry about, I am fine and I will be blogging about it this week.  Stay tuned!

We wake up Saturday morning from our crazy drunken Friday and through a hung-over fog realize….Saturday is THE DAY! The day we get to see Glee at Radio City Music Hall.  Chilla and I are literally vibrating with excitement!  Little did we know how exciting a day it was going to turn out to be.

The show started at 3pm so we have a lot of time to cruise around and decided that Central Park was a good place to start.  We are just be bopping through, looking at the Zoo, the carousel, the lush greenery….I’m walking along, and I look up right into the eyes of one CHRIS ROCK!  He is walking right next to me with his girls.  Now, I don’t know about you but whenever I see someone famous, even like newscasters or radio personalities I’m always like “Are you my neighbor? Did we go to high school together? How do I know that guy/girl?”  Not this time….I looked up and in 000.4 seconds was like “That is motherfucking Chris Rock!”  He smiled at me as we locked eyes and just at that exact moment….Chilla sneezes…WTF????  Mr. I Have A Camera Ready At All Times, doesn’t even see Chris, being all too consumed with the mucus and Chris kept walking with his girls so we didn’t get his picture. Totally sadcakes but super exciting.

We head to the hotel to get ready for Glee and since I’m teetering on 3 inch heels, we decide to grab a cab to the show. We get about a block from Radio City and the cabbie is like “The road is closed. Get the hell out and walk the rest of the way”.  So we get out and start walking.  The road is closed to cars but not foot traffic.  Something is going on and we see film crews.  Then we see Neil Patrick Harris! How I Met Your Mother is one of our favorite shows so this was pretty exciting stuff. Chilla was on it with the camera this time and no sneezing…whoohoo!  Two stars in a matter of hours…I love New York!!! I am such a tourist.

Love Me Some Barney

We hang out for a bit, it’s getting to be about 2:45 so we meander on down the street.  We are coming up on the back end of Radio City and they have a part of the street partitioned off, and there are maybe 5 people hanging around.  Chilla and I start speculating that maybe this is where the cast comes and goes for backstage. Before we even finish the sentence, here comes the cast of Glee to sign autographs!

Finn looking ultra cool

Rachel looking stunning in person

We were right at the gate so Chilla got some great shots and with in a NYC second people were screaming and running down the street like lunatics! It was a good thing the street was closed to traffic from Neil Patrick Harris cause the crowd got huge and frantic. We let the younger kids get up front (after we got our shots of course) to get their autographs and just stood back and watched the mayhem unfold.

The show was absolutely amazing and we had THE best time.  It helped that we were 10 rows back and really got the full experience. They did most of the songs from the show and believe it or not Brittany was the MC being her hilarious-one-liners self.  I actually cried during Defying Gravity and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It was that beautiful.

Push It

Sweet Caroline


Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mashup

Bust Your Windows

Bad Romance

Video of Will Shue and Sue MotherFucking Sylvester were used to include them, which was a bit disappointing.  I was hoping one or both would make a surprise visit to the show but they didn’t, and we read in the paper the next day that Will Shue actually DID show up at the Friday show and did a song.

Friday ticket holders can suck it.  I was also really hoping that Kristen Chenoweth would somehow show up (I was really full of star fantasy) because she is in a Broadway show called “Promises, Promises” with Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) so I was figuring, she’s in New York….maybe, just maybe….but no. I mean its New York for crying out loud!  Isn’t that what is supposed to happen??? Random stars just pop on over for an outpouring of love???  I still love you Kristen!!!

After an eventful afternoon, we changed and walked around town.

Later that night we went to Times Square and just did the tourist thing.

Sunday was more walking, picture taking and sightseeing.  We took the train home on Monday which again was a great thing, arriving ½ hour ahead of schedule.  I just found out that BareNaked Ladies is going to be at Radio City in August….All Aboard!!!



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6 responses to “Wormy and Chilla Take Manhattan…Star Spotting and Glee, Glee, Glee Take III

  1. You are both the luckiest people in the world! That is so awesome and your pics are amazing. I’ve never been to NYC but you have solidified for me that I MUST go…

    I’m a Broadway fool as well, so I gotta see a show there, it must be so much better than the ones I see here at UT.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. NYC is great for spotting famous people, especially those that are in plays. They usually just walk out a side door after the show and sign autographs for whoever is waiting there. Then they just kind of walk away into the night.

    Back in the mid-90’s we got to see Bebe Neuwirth (Lilith from Cheers) who was Lola in Damn Yankees, and Jon Secada (Cuban pop singer) who was Danny Zuko in Grease.

    Also, if you still want a picture of Chris Rock, I can send you mine… back in 2002 (or so) two friends and I were walking to lunch in downtown Baltimore and he was standing by himself right outside a hotel. (He was in town filming “Head of State” or whatever that movie was when he ran for President.) He was nice enough to pose for a shot when we asked. (it always helps to have 2 hot chicks to put with him in the picture.)

  3. What Wormy fails to mention is for the first time in our life of coupledom I actually woke up before her on Saturday morning. I’m not sure if her crankiness was caused by the hangover or if it was because I awoke, had coffee, went down for a smoke, and when I came back up, she was still barely awake…

  4. Couple of months ago we did NYC. We were in the NBC store and the only thing I touched was something having to do with The Big Lebowski. Don’t know what that movie had to do with NBC, but I loves me the Dude.

    We left and walked two blocks when a tall long-haired gentleman in a suit got out of a limo right in front of us. Of course, I quickly said, “Look, it’s Harrison Ford.” No, but it was Jeff Bridges. (With a beard and long hair, he looked just like Ford in The Fugative.) He nodded at us and walked into the theater where Chicago was playing.

    The Dude abides.

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