PSA: Wormy Wants You to Get Your Ass to Podcamp Pittsburgh 5

I woke up today and realized….Its the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s the start of Podcamp season!

Not familiar with Podcamp? Let me give you a quick tutorial.  It’s a weekend long unconference of people getting together to talk about all aspects of social media. Sharing information, ideas, creativity and inspiration with one another. It’s a chance to learn, to meet and mingle with Twitter friends, local celebrities and blog authors that you read everyday. And it’s about drinks. Let’s not forget that. You might remember The Podcamp Dance from last year’s Meet & Greet night.  Or you might like to take a look at the infamous 6-4-9 Shot. YOU could be part of this in September.

So, here are the details:

When:  September 17th – Meet & Greet at AlphaLabs in the Southside

September 18-19 – Presentations, classes, seminars and workshops

Where: Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Downtown Pittsburgh

How:    Just register HERE

Cost:    FREE!!!  Or if you would like to be a VIP Sponsor and get a nice swag bag its $25. Come on, it’s for a great cause.

As an added bonus, The Bitches are sponsoring a Wine kiosk at the Meet & Greet AND will be presenting our very own seminar on Saturday.  You better be at both or we will hunt you down and make you buy all of our drinks Saturday night. PLUS!! Mindbling will finally be without child (unless he decides to be 2 weeks late!), so this will be her first drinking excursion in 9 long sober months. Its going to be epic. That right there is worth the price of admission folks.

Hopefully I have convinced you that this is THE event of year in Pittsburgh. Don’t come crying to me that you missed it again when we are all crazy pants about it afterwards.

Just be there.



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6 responses to “PSA: Wormy Wants You to Get Your Ass to Podcamp Pittsburgh 5

  1. Dan

    Ugh…the 6-4-9 shot…that’s one Podcamp tradition I may not repeat this year. I forget what last year’s ingredients were, but it tasted like cough syrup filtered through a fat guy’s sweaty underwear.

  2. The Baggers are registered campers. As first timers, will we be hazed? Clean keyboards with toothbrushes… carry Mindbling’s swag bag… drink cheap beer while singing pledge songs… the usual.

    Be gentle.

  3. Cassie or Carly

    If I didn’t have to work 12 hours that damn day I’d be there with bells on. Bells, I tell you!

  4. We are having guests in from Virginia those days. I’m so disappointed to miss this event. We expect a full low-down afterward, okay?

  5. Jess

    I still don’t know how I made my face do that. I blame Canada.

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