Wormy and Mindbling’s Texts From Last Night

Mindbling still hasn’t dropped this kid yet. This has been the longest pregnancy in the history of the universe and I’m not even the one growing a baby.  Remember, I was there, in the bathroom at MY WORK when Mindbling took the test. That’s practically conception.  I’ve known as long as she has. And its been exhausting to say the least.  As of today she is 2 days late and banging her head against the wall. I’m having a fit cause if it doesn’t happen soon, we might be a -1 at Podcamp and Wormy won’t be a happy bitch.

If you remember the baby poll post, a lot of commenters picked days in August. YOU WERE WRONG! I wish you had been right, but YOU WERE WRONG. We still have 6 entries in the running and personally I hope ShanLin is right and its tomorrow. Or today. That would be even better.

Yesterday, Mindbling started to have a few cramps. Nothing major, but we were hoping it was the start of something big. This was at 3pm. I finished work at the salon at 9pm and hadn’t heard from her. So I texted her.

Green = Wormy

White = Mindbling

So, as you can see, Mindbling is doing everything within her power to make this baby show his face. Unless it involves poop in some way. Then she’s out. Stay tuned to Twitter for updates!



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7 responses to “Wormy and Mindbling’s Texts From Last Night

  1. Jumping jacks? Reverse Heimlich?

  2. ShanLin

    I really hope I’m right. Blings tweets are making ME feel uncomfortable. And extra attentive with the birth control.

    Miss you bitches!

  3. Guaranteed to push any infant down the birth canal: Pineapple juice, pistacio ice cream, and sit on a large excercise ball while watching a Kevin Bacon movie marathon. Hey, I didn’t say it would be pleasant.

    (Ancient Amish prescription. Well, except for the electricity needed for a Kevin Bacon movie. And the juice. And the ice cream. And the ball. I made those up.)

    • Carly

      Acupuncture!!! Supposedly there are scientific studies that prove it works. It worked for me, I had to go in twice…the baby was OUT less than 24 hours after the second appointment.

  4. Susan

    Eat eggplant. There’s some study that says it works.

  5. I second the birthing ball; sex; and induction massage. Castor oil/mineral oil… I don’t know that it works to start labor, per se, but it sure cleans ya out.

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