A BitchBurgh Halloween

Hermione, Snooki and SpongeBob Sexy Pants

The Bitches did Halloween this year in style.  Wikki and Wrad had their annual party and hilarity ensued.  A few pics of the highlights.

SpongeBob Sexy Pants and The Direct TV Guy

Snooki and The Situation

Harry Potter and Hermione

Late into the night, after numerous rounds of beer pong and jello shots, Hot Papa told us a story about the Mushroom From Outer Space.  This video is NSFW!!!  Wormy used her mad flipcam skillz again, sorry if you get nauseous!  If you can identify what the hell HP is talking about please let us know.  Hot Papa will sleep better at night knowing he’s not going to die in 6 days.



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6 responses to “A BitchBurgh Halloween

  1. Goosedoublelime

    Mushroom Puffball.

  2. Um, in which movie did Hermione wear those stockings, because I must have missed that one.

    Those should make Ron’s wand stand up…

  3. Excellent, finally someone found the Cat in the Hats moss-covered three-handled family gradunza.

  4. Apron

    I laughed so hard at Andy’s weird “Veggie Tale” that wine came out of my nose. I miss you guys!!

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