The Pear Really Does Care!!

I am happy to hand my keys over to this adorable little fruit!

No one likes a drunk driver. Hot Papa and I have both had a few late night pull overs that have hit a little too close to home. We are both DUI-free and we would like to stay that way. Driving drunk is just stupid, we all know it; it puts our wallets, cars, and most importantly, our LIVES in danger.

PA Law Enforcement is cracking-the-hell-down on drunks these days. This is not a good time to driving around with a thermos full of Captain and Coke. Since Pittsburgh has more bars per capita then any other city in the United States, you would think that it would have a better cab service. But no. No, it does not.

About two years ago, The Bitches and some of our cohorts had planned a wild and crazy night out. I can’t remember what the occasion was, but we started the evening at my old house in Millvale. At about 6:30PM, assuming that it would probably take at least a half hour to forty five minutes for them to arrive, we called the cab service. They told us about an hour, which was fine. We drank another cocktail, made another, and went to go sit out in the front of my house to wait for the cab.

We waited. And waited. An hour came and went. We called again. They assured us that someone would be there soon. We waited some more. Called again. The operator informed us that since the cab drivers are independent contractors, they didn’t technically HAVE to pick us up at all. At 9:45PM, someone finally got there. It was an over three hour wait. We were none too pleased, I can assure you.

Moral of the story…While I totally agree that drunk driving is awful, what the hell other choice is there in this town? You can say get a designated driver. I don’t know ANYONE willing to be the designated driver. Everyone wants to have a good time…and if you say that you can go out and have a good time without drinking, well, then you clearly don’t know us that well.

Fast forward to now. I found this company who operates out of Pittsburgh. It’s called Pear Driving Service and it FREAKING ROCKS!!! We went to a Halloween party with my parents a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. You drive your own car to the party, get shit faced, and two people from the Pear show up at the appointed time. One drives your car home and the other one follows behind. How genius is that? Why did I not think of this myself? (Not that I would want to spend my weekends being a DD, but still.) And get this…it’s cheaper then the lame ass cab service who doesn’t show up. That’s right, I said lame ass. Cause they so are.

The guy that drove us home was super nice. At least I think he was. Whatever, anyone who is getting me home safely and DUI free is okay in my book.

Anyway, I love the Pear, plan to use them often in the future, and you should too!

Happy Partying Safely!

Hot Mama



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6 responses to “The Pear Really Does Care!!

  1. Big Dancing Mama

    Yes, by my recollection they really WERE super nice. I know we sang the song from The Hangover. . . “What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her cat woman suit?. . .” I like to think we were the fun-loving and hilarious kind of drunk, not the sloppy and obnoxious type. The Pear is awesome.

  2. I can’t imagine going to a Halloween party with my parents, let alone one where we were expecting to get so lit that we would need professional transportation home.

    • Hot Mama

      I lucked out on the parent selection. My parents are super young and hip. My mother has often been mistaken to be my sister, actually…I am sure you guys will meet them sometime, I am trying to get my dad on the Twitter (even though it’s evil).

  3. Our ride home is confirmed for the Pgh Brewfest next month!

  4. Jason Clark

    I’ve used the Pear service for a event called Brew at the Zoo. A couple of friends and I all piled in his car and they came right on time and picked us up and took us all home safe. They were extremely nice and everything. I loved it!

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