Wormy Yells “Holy Shit!”

I have road rage issues.  I can’t stand the stupidity, arrogance or entitlement behavior of some drivers.  I yell, scream and curse at all of them, all the time.  Now this isn’t to say I’m evil.  I don’t wish anyone dead or maimed. I do however, wish that they shit their pants. Cause really, what’s worse than shitting your pants while in your car, stuck in traffic?

Yesterday, I’m sitting in two lanes of traffic heading south.  There is a side street to my right that has a stop sign.  The car in front of me pauses to allow car #1 to merge from the stop sign. In doing this, car #2 decides he doesn’t have to stop at the sign or wait his turn or yield to traffic. Car #1 goes and car #2 gasses it behind him and shoots across two lanes of traffic south and then two lanes of traffic north. Me being me, say to my self “I hope you shit your pants!!” and watch as he pulls into the church parking lot. It was a priest. I just told a priest that I hope he shits his pants. I am going to hell.



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7 responses to “Wormy Yells “Holy Shit!”

  1. No, you are not. Priests do not have any special dispensation that relieves them of the consequences of being an asshole.

    As a matter of fact, they should get it worse because they’re supposed to be good examples.

    In fact, all you should have to worry about is that he was screaming across 4 lanes of traffic because he was trying to deliver last rites or something.

    In which case, you’re going to hell.

  2. Txcristen

    ah, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one getting their aggressions out on other drivers.

    The priest had it coming, and is just lucky he didn’t meet his Maker after pulling a stunt like that. And if he’s pulling that BS, what other things is he trying to get away with in the name of Christ???

  3. Goosedoublelime

    I once hit on a nun, but didn’t know it. She wasn’t in her habit, but she was hot and I wanted to motor boat those perfect boobies she had going on. Yea I’m going to hell, after I use the bathroom, mmm, boobies……..

  4. If I didn’t believe that hell was just a Medieval “Santa Claus” invented in the third century to make ignorant peasants behave, or that when Jesus mentioned hell, he was really referring to a burning garbage dump outside of Jerusalem as a metaphor for isolation from God, then, yeah, you’d be going there.

    Now a joke:
    A man goes to hell and the devil greets him. He takes him to a hallway which has three different doors and tell the man he’ll have to choose one room to spend the rest of eternity in.

    So he takes him to the first door and he opens it and sees everyone standing on their heads on wooden floors. The man thought that would be pretty terrible to spend the rest of eternity on his head on such a hard floor and asked the devil to show him the second door.

    Everyone in the second room was standing on their heads on concrete. The man thought that was even worse to spend the rest of eternity on his head on an even harder floor.

    Finally the devil takes him to the third door and in that room everyone is up to their knees in dog shit and drinking coffee. The man thought that was pretty bad, but at least they could drink coffee so he told the devil he chose the third room to spend the rest of eternity in.

    So the man, up to his knees in dog shit, drank coffee for a few minutes. Then the devil came back into the room and said “Coffee break is over. Back on your heads.”

  5. If it’s Catholic, it doesn’t have sex with women. So maybe spanking in traffic makes them take strange turns. Either way, I would rather laugh with the sinners that die with the saints.

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