The Orgins of Hot Mama

If anyone is wondering why I am the way that I am, here you go. This is a picture of my parents. No words are needed, the photo speaks for itself.



I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. And if you see giant box of wine wandering the streets of Pittsburgh hand in hand with a woman who looks like she could be my older sister, that would be Super D and Big Dancin Mama. Feel free to invite yourself to Sunday dinner…I do it all the time.











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7 responses to “The Orgins of Hot Mama

  1. Ah, it all makes sense now.

  2. Tree, meet apple. Apple, tree.

  3. Hot Mama

    See, told you they were cool. And for the record, there was an actual box of wine in there…my mom have a wine glass around her neck and she was getting wine from the giant box all night.

  4. Big Dancing Mama

    “Getting wine from the giant box all night” just seems a scary phrase by which to be described.

  5. Hey, that’s not the wine nozzle!!!!

  6. Holy Toledo

    Cool parents!!!

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