Wormy and the Toothpaste Debate of 2010

When Chilla and I started our relationship, our nuances and quirks were cute, endearing even.  “Awww….he leaves crumbs in the butter! He is my butterbum!”  “Awww….she leaves her shoes all over the floor! I love her feet!”   We were (and still are!!!)  so in love, that a sock on the chair here, and a wet towel on the bed there, really didn’t get on each others nerves. Much.

Then we got real.

A tad over a year later you start to realize that some things your significant other does is just plain odd. And sometimes annoying. And sometimes it makes you want to strangle them…ahem…


To be truthful, it’s a very short list of habits that Chilla does that really gets on my nerves.  On the other hand, I think I do a ton of shit that makes him lose his mind.  That is our relationship and it works for us.  But, I started to notice something that he does that I find just down right WRONG.

Rinse before toothpaste

Chilla doesn’t wet his toothbrush until he squeezes the toothpaste onto the brush! Who does that?  This is clearly the wrong way to do things. Of course I know how to do it properly.  I wet my toothbrush before toothpaste and after toothpaste.  I need to get it nice and frothy. Maybe he has more spit than I do? I have no idea.  We had a heated debate over this last night and just couldn’t come to an agreement.

Rinse after toothpaste

So, I’m asking my very intelligent, very beautiful and very witty readers…who’s doing it right?



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18 responses to “Wormy and the Toothpaste Debate of 2010

  1. Cousin_rocks

    RUN CARLAAAA! CHILLA IS A CRAZY FREAK! Lol. I kid I kid. But on the reals, you should always wet before and after toothpaste application. Not wetting it before makes you a barbarian.
    Love ya!

  2. Dan

    I thought wetting a toothbrush prior to applying toothpaste was universal, I never heard of anyone “dry brushing”.

  3. I think you’re all crazy. I’ve never heard of wetting the brush before or after. I put the paste on, brush, and rinse afterwards. Otherwise you have diluted toothepaste.

    Your way is like putting coke in your whiskey… just plain unnecessary!

  4. Chilla

    I think I do have more spit but, please note after careful, and tedious research: toothpaste is formulated as to dissolve in the alkaline pH of human saliva. So I guess you are better off as bluzdude said to not wet at all because you are in fact weakening the active ingredients in the toothpaste itself. So let it be known, there will be no more wetting at all!

  5. Goosedoublelime

    So are you trying to say spitting is better then Swallowing or vis versa?

  6. Seattle

    Both runner boy and I ONLY wet our brushes BeFORE paste. Why would you wahs the paste off the brush before you use it?

  7. Big Dancing Mama

    Super D and I are after paste only, but Drummer is before and after. Freak. Wet is wet. Why do it twice? But the interesting thing to me is I never knew (cared) what they did until Wormy thought to put the question out there. These are life’s issues that bring meaning to my meager existance.

  8. I find that a touch of Vodka after the paste makes the whole process go better, unless you’ve recently bitten the inside of your mouth. Then it’s going to sting a bit.

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