C.C. Is The 24-Hour Woman

Chilla and I were sitting around chatting, and I was going over all the things I do in a week, such as oh- I- don’t- know, work 3 jobs, cook dinner almost every night, keep the place clean and give him sexy time whenever he wants it….which is like every day. So yeah, I’m tired sometimes.

Going through this convo, I bust out with:

“I can bring home the bacon…dananana

Fry it up in a pan….danananana

And never, ever let you forget you’re a maaaannnnn….

Cause I’m a WOOOOMMMMAAANNN….Enjoli!!!”

At this point, I’m all proud of myself and my stellar singing ability. I take a breath and stare straight into an expressionless, blank look from Chilla.  I say to him “You have no idea what I’m talking about do you?”  He says, “No, I have no idea what song that is.”  I’m like “Song? Its a commercial!!!  Like the best commercial of all time!”  I forget how much of an age difference we have. I say, “Its Enjoli! The working woman’s fragrance by Charles on the Ritz! How do you not know this?!?!?!”  (Does anyone know if this is a song? I have no idea. Also, do they still sell this crap?)

Of course I immediately jump on the iPad and start tapping away into YouTube, cause that shit is classic and has to be on there. These commercials represent the beginning of the “Modern Woman” of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s,  and as an impressionable youngster, I thought these commercials gave women power, that we could do it all!   Maybe that’s the reason I feel like I have to do everything? Damn marketing bastards.

In case you have no idea what I’m rambling on about:

Have that jingle stuck in your head?  You’re welcome.



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7 responses to “C.C. Is The 24-Hour Woman

  1. A girl at work here is named Enjoli, and she’s young enough to have been named after that commercial. So I can’t even think about that commercial (which I remember well) without thinking about my old associate.

    (she must have really liked her name, too, because she got it tattooed on her arm. At least I hope that’s why… I’d had to think it was so she wouldn’t forget.)

  2. Txcristen

    “give you the shivering fits”…is that what they used to call orgasms?

    I am definitely old enough to know these commercials…I wonder what that stuff smelled like after 8 hours….

    I think you are right, marketing to all us impressionable young girls to go out and do and have it all, thereby creating a bunch of lazy-ass men….hmph! :-\

  3. Dan

    I remember those ads when I was growing up. I must’ve been going through puberty, because I remember feeling strangely uncomfortable when I watched them. The kid side of me was like “Ewww, gross! Stupid perfume commercial! When is The A-Team coming back on?”, but the newly forming man side of me watched the ad thinking, “Heyyyyy, what’s up hot workin’ mama? Wanna fry my bacon?”

  4. Oh, the 8lunchguys have had this with him and Hoop so many times we stopped counting. As I recall the first one was, “What is Sanford and Son?”

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