BitchBurgh ~ East Coast Wine Geeks Podcast Mashup


Back at Podcamp Pittsburgh 5 in October, C.C. and Hot Mama had the pleasure of meeting Chardi (Jen) from East Coast Wine Geeks.  They chatted about maybe getting together, drinking some wine and podcasting. Fast forward to 3 months later, and we made that happen.  The Geeks are REALLY into wine, like they know their shit.  The Bitches might have misrepresented themselves. I mean we drink wine, we know how to get drunk off of it, but its out of a box.  We don’t know all the fancy shmancy stuff about it, but The Geeks really do.  Have a listen as The Bitches get schooled in wine, while The Geeks try to control the madness, while reviewing a wine called Paradocx Pail Pink.  Keep in mind, bottles of wine were consumed BEFORE taping started.  That might explain a lot.  It goes down hill fairly quickly.  Its mostly safe for work….mostly.

East Coast Wine Geeks – Episode 83: Paradocx Pail Pink




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