C.C. Gets Grossed Out To Go

Today I went to the grocery store in my plaza to grab some lunch. Ramen noodles and a tuna salad kit. Just your normal Monday.
I’m walking back to my office and this woman, who is – I’d say 200 pounds over her limit, comes waddling like a penguin with rickets towards me on the sidewalk.  All of a sudden she looks right at me, and lets out a HUGE BURP….no excuse me, no covering up of the mouth…and I’m not talking just a small gas bubble.  I’m talking a wet, juicy, ham barbecue and diet RC burp.  She then makes eye contact with me and says “Whats up” while giving me the Pittsburgh head nod.  Like it didn’t even happen.
Gotta love this town.


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6 responses to “C.C. Gets Grossed Out To Go

  1. Sounds like good ol southern hospitality. How awesomely disgusting!

  2. MarmaladeG

    Gross, and equally disgusting as a Tranny I know who likes old balls. Gotta love the old ugly gold diggers.

  3. Geez, a couple more of those and birds will be falling out of the sky.

    Hey, I wonder if she was ever in Arkansas?

  4. Txcristen

    Classy! No excuses in Da Burgh…love it!

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