The Internet Wants To Send You To The Super Bowl

Bitchburgh HQ gets lots of emails. Some are press releases, some are musicians that want us to promote their music, some are naked pictures of lonely readers across the world, and some are contest announcements.

Such as this one, from the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau. There is a little game being held there on Feb. 6th. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Super Bowl? And they are giving away two tickets, hotel and $500 towards airfare (or gas. However you want to get there!), to the game.

Here’s how it works:
You go and ‘like’ their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter (@DallasSBHunt). From 9am to 7 pm this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a Mystery Man will be wandering the streets of Pittsburgh.

By following their Twitter and also by reading clues posted on Behind The Steel Curtain, Steelers Gab, I Heart Pittsburgh, and the interestingly named Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies, you will receive clues as to the MM’s whereabouts.

If you are lucky enough to find him (ladies, we all know how hard it is to find a man in Pittsburgh, amirite?) you must say the Secret Phrase (you can find this phrase on their Facebook page). Follow the hashtag #SBhuntPGH for clues and helpful advice from your fellow Mystery Man seekers.

First one to find him and say the Secret Phrase, totally wins.

Full contest rules can be found on their Facebook page. And no, we, The Bitches, don’t have any insider information. If we did, I wouldn’t be doing this post, I would be paying a homeless person $100 to find that Mystery Man so I could go to the Super Bowl.

Good luck to all of you, and I hope one of our readers win. And take me. Seriously. I’m a good time. Have you read my blog??


They are running this contest in Green Bay, too. Not that we care, just in the spirit of being informative.


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