Chachi Plays For Kids Fundraiser

A great friend of The Bitches, Chachi, has created a fundraising event called “Chachi Plays For Kids”, a 24-hour game-athon to raise money to outfit Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh with video games for patients.  The event itself was inspired by, and is supported by the Mario Lemieux Foundation project “Make Room for Kids”; which was initially conceived by Virginia Montanez, of

For every $100 raised, Chachi will play an hour of video games, up to 24 hours of straight gaming. That’s $2,400 for the patients of Children’s Hospital!  No pee breaks, no smoke breaks, no nothing. The event is open to the public if you feel like going down and watching the chaos unfold.  There will also be a shit-ton of Pittsburgh celebrities for Chachi to play against. When the schedule is released we will let you know who you will be able to stalk, I mean see, play video games with Chachi.

Please consider donating. Let’s help make this happen.  The Bitches have had a few less boxes of wine this week to be able to throw a hours worth of game play Chachi’s way.  We are not always cold hearted bitches.

Here are the details:

What:    Chachi Plays for Kids

When:    Friday, February 11, 2011, 7:00 pm – Saturday, February 12, 2011, 7:00 pm

Where:   MIB Ninja Entertainment, Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA

How:   Donate HERE

In true social media style, follow him on Twitter, @chachiplays


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  1. Just so I don’t destroy my body, I will be taking prescheduled breaks.soory girls!

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