C.C. and Chilla’s Engaging Affair

Chilla and I love the Wine Loft in the South Side Works.  We go there a lot, and had mentioned that if/when we ever got engaged, we would want to throw an engagement party there.

That's a good looking bridal party

After the proposal, unbeknown to me, Hot Mama, Mindbling and Smittykitty had a powwow about this knowledge and decided that they would make that dream happen for us.

On Saturday night, our bridesmaids and our moms threw us a fantastic intimate engagement party and gave us a night we will never forget.  They had food, wine, cupcakes and presents!  Hot Mama decorated with balloons, roses and table confetti.  It was gorgeous and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  These ladies really outdid themselves for us and I am so happy they are my bridesmaids.

In typical BitchBurgh fashion, there were bumps along the road.  Its not a party unless my mom freaks out on the manager, Mavrick knocks an entire glass of red wine down Wikki’s favorite dress, drunk family members causing chaos but in a good way, the waitress trips and drops her tray, consequently breaking 4 wine glasses in the process, and I was reduced to tears (of joy mostly) by a lot of emotional shit going on around me.

It was a fairly swanky affair, and at 10pm we decided to move the party to The Apple Inn to get really crazy.  We went from sipping expensive wines and nibbling on goat cheese, hummus and crudités to chugging vodkas, ordering flaming hot apple pie shots and pounding on the bar while said shots were being lit on fire, while scream/singing:

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn!

Burn mother fucker, Burn!!!!

Burn Motherfucker! BURN!!!!

If this is any indication of how the wedding is going to turn out, I couldn’t be more excited that it’s going to be epic. I just hope Mavrick doesn’t spill red wine on my wedding dress.



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9 responses to “C.C. and Chilla’s Engaging Affair

  1. You all look dazzling, of course!

    But you totally know someone is going to spill wine on your dress… Maybe you should only serve white…

  2. Danninav

    Looks like you guys had a great time!! Wish I could have been there…but can guarantee I’ll be there for one kick-ass wedding! Xx

  3. I’m with Bluz. However, looking like you just stepped out of the movie Carrie could be a fun memory? Just a thought.

  4. Mindbling

    In Mavrick’s defense, he is a fan of stemless wineglasses. To quote him, ‘I have a great idea! Let’s take a giant glass of alcohol, and put it on STILTS!’. Let’s be honest, those glasses were made for being knocked over.

  5. Txcristen

    I will be there with BELLS ON!

  6. What a great time. You guys deserve it… both the swank and the flaming alcohol.

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