Flashback Friday…May 2009

This is one of my favorite Mindbling/C.C. (formerly Wormy if you are new to the blog) stories of all time.  Enjoy!


Saturday was the best day on the planet so far. Mindbling and I went for pedicures, lunch, coffee, blogging and shopping. Then we went drinking. We went to our usual haunt, Slappy’s, to see what kind of drama we could scare up. We were having a fine time, just the two of us hanging out together.

It was pretty lame in there until about midnight and then all of a sudden everybody started rolling in. FryGuy and Shells were there so we were shooting the shit, having some laughs.

Up walks Dick. Fry Guy and Shells know him but he seems like a drunk douche to me. Being the kind hearted soul that I am (refer to my post: “Why Did My Mother Have to Raise Me Right) I try to strike up some idle chitchat. Can someone tell me WHY I keep doing this to myself?

Wormy: Where were you tonight? (referring to his wristband)

Dick: What the fuck is it to you?

Wormy: Just asking dude! (Seriously?)

Dick: (He raises his hand in a gesture, as if to back hand me and I just met this asshole!)

Wormy: Get the fuck away from me now! Back off!

Dick: (still in domestic violence mode – hand in the air as if to strike me) I’m just messing with you

Wormy: Really? I don’t find domestic violence funny at all. Who do you think you are? Don’t you EVER raise your hand to me. Get the FUCK away from me!!!!

Just as this is all happening, Mindbling is walking back to the table after getting her 10th diet and Capt.

Dick: You are a fucking cunt!!!

Mindbling: (approaching, hearing this, slams her drink on the table) OH HELL NO!!! Get back here fucker…

She then GRABS HIM by the collar (I am not making this up people!) and drags him back to the table as he is now trying to walk away.

Mindbling: Apologize to Wormy. NOBODY talks to my Wormy like that- EVER!

Dick: (mumbles) sorry…..

Wormy: Fine. (thinking this is the end of it…but oh no)

Mindbling releases his shirt collar to send him on his way and he stops, turns back around and says to Mindbling:

Dick: You are a fucking cunt!

Mindbling: God Damnit!!!

She then goes after him, grabs him again by the collar and drags him around the bar to the door, pushes him through the door, he hits the wall and falls to the concrete outside. She just scored street cred through all of Slappy’s. Kickboxing class is really paying off for her. People are applauding, high fiving her….”get that chick a drink” is shouted repeatedly.

She comes back and resumes drinking. 2 minutes later Dick walks back in and stands next to our table, like he is going to intimidate us or something. Um, hello? You just got beat up by a girl. Go home. When Shells and Fry Guy see him come back in they attack and completely flip shit on him for talking to us like that.

While all this is going on, I have my brand new “Ashton Kutcher” camera and took these. What the fuck is on his pants? Srsly? Gross! This is what we are dealing with people. If you see a man out on the street wearing these jeans, kick him in the shins and run.

Mindbling rocks. ’nuff said.



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5 responses to “Flashback Friday…May 2009

  1. Gosh. May 2009 I was HUGELY preggo with Luca. You guys most definitely had more fun going on at that point than myself.

    Mindbling, you kick ass. Literally.

  2. OMFG, how I wish I was in that bar at the time, just to see MB in action. Somehow, I could tell where this was going as soon as you got to the part about Bling coming back to the table.

    Great story!

  3. JenStockdale

    Great story! Looks like you literally beat the crap out of him!

  4. Wow. Mindbling as a kick-ass bouncer. Cool. Jodie Foster could have used those moves in The Accused. Kelly McGillis would have never been necessary.

  5. coffee

    Was Doug at the bar that night?

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