Missing You ~ Apron/BitchBurgh Addition

One of our besties, Apron, who actually used to guest post on the Mindbling blog had moved about 3,000 miles away from us last year.  She misses us all the time and we miss her so bad it hurts.

Based on the email that Mindbling and C.C. received from Apron yesterday, she was having a moment right then.

Apron ~ We love and miss you like crazy!  Good news, we will see you in June and that’s only like 8 weeks away!!!!  Hang on until then because we are going to party like its 1999.

xoxox Mindbling & C.C.


Hi, Lovely Ladies.

As an over-worked, full-fledged yuppie/post-hippie, I had to take a few days off to have a mental breakdown and do my laundry. As part of my R&R long weekend, I got caught up on BitchBurgh. I miss you both so much it hurts. It’s 3.29, and I’m drinking wine, getting sappy, thinking about about how much I miss you. Also, I’m worried that I’m missing the wedding plans, the wee one’s childhood, and I think Mindbling has been abducted by health-conscious aliens. Or maybe some kind of invisible vegans who like big boobies are trying to change her from the inside out. Hm.

Anyway, I miss you. I wish I were there, post-card style.

Afternoon drunken haze hi and good-bye,

xxxx Apron


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One response to “Missing You ~ Apron/BitchBurgh Addition

  1. Apron

    Awww, ladies! I can’t handle it! I miss you, too. I know we’ll be seeing each other soon, but soon can’t come fast enough. Thanks so much for the shout-out! It made me tear up. I’m not every early-afternoon drinking, either. Love you! xxx

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