C.C. Has Something Stuck in her Craw

Life has calmed down a bit since the last post.  Once everyone came out of the fog, we all realized….WE STILL HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN!!!

You guys, it’s less than 3 months away and still soooo much shit to do.  Yesterday, I had my wedding gown fitting.  Me and my mom went and it was a lovely time.  No drama, fighting or hysterics between us, which is a rarity.

I got all pinned up, felt great about it and finished up.  We decided a dinner celebration was in order.  Once that was over, we hauled our cookies back to my mom’s from Robinson.

Once at her house, I had to pee. Nothing unusual there.  I peed.  I wiped.  I felt something odd.  I looked at the toilet paper and what do I find???



Somehow, this rouge stick pin made it through a wedding dress, slip and underwear…..slid down my ass crack and into my hoohaw.  Somehow, I never felt it all through dinner or the drive home.  Somehow, it never stabbed or pierced my vadge.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. And Chilla is a lucky man.  That could have laid me up for days.   No pun intended.




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4 responses to “C.C. Has Something Stuck in her Craw

  1. I’m no expert, but I suspect that the “pin in the panties” has got to be a first in the history of wedding planning.

  2. Holy crap…that’s a lucky vadge!

  3. Maybe you’re actually an X-Man, with a very special talent… The Impervious Vag!

  4. Best be counting your vadge blessings. Or something like that. A sad vadge means a sad Chilla.

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