Furrrr-Burgh 2011

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Anthrocon Convention, otherwise known as the Furry-Con.  For some reason, they loves them some Pittsburgh.  I think this is the 5th year its been held here.  In a town where sportswear is considered formal, I don’t think most Burghers are judging the fuzz love.

On WDVE’s website they posted this site: Furry Name Generator

Now this is hours of entertainment!

CC:  Nala Clawbite

Mindbling:  Bunny Deathlight

Hot Mama:  Life Clawbite

Mrrrooowww!!!!  Do they know us or what?  And apparently, CC and Hot Mama are related.  Who knew?

If you’re downtown this weekend be sure to hug a furry.  I bet it feels furr-tastic!



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6 responses to “Furrrr-Burgh 2011

  1. A friend of one of my coworkers hit one with his car yesterday while driving downtown. The guy was dressed like a dog…talk about art imitating life.

    Dragon Snowfall

  2. BWHAHAHAHAHAH…I just peed.

  3. Starsky

    I am Nala Bloodfang!

  4. Mindbling

    From now on, I am only responding when addressed as Bunny Deathlight. CC, any chance I can talk you into a furry themed wedding?

  5. Falcon Howlette, at your service.

    That sounds like the name of a TV Private Eye from the 80’s…

  6. Winter Shadowfox, here.

    Ironically, that was also my Chippendale’s male stripper name?

    The Mrs. and I stayed at the William Penn for our anniversary and it was lousy with furries. Where do they get that kind of money? I figure they were all trust fund kids who usually stay home at the mansion and play video games. Their mortified parents pushed them to the convention, glad that they were just getting out of the house!

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